Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wringing in the new year

Nero didn’t actually fiddle while Rome burned, but George W. Bush is dithering while American soldiers die. This weekend, while Bush is celebrating the New Year holiday at his Texas ranch, the Pentagon announced that the number of US military personnel killed in Iraq since the start of the invasion has reached 3,000. Another 20,000 Americans have been wounded.

Meanwhile, the commander-in-chief, who only recently admitted that things in Iraq aren’t going so well, is hemming and hawing over what to do next. The circumstances remind me of Hamlet’s angry response to his mother, who he believes is culpable in the death of his father. He confronts her, saying, “Leave wringing of your hands … and let me wring your heart…” The family and friends left behind by soldiers killed in this unjust war could not be blamed if they were to say the same to the president.

Issue one: Quagmire

These days I don’t see The McLaughlin Group that often, but I caught it this week and witnessed the most amiable episode of the program I’ve ever seen. Eleanor Clift and Tony Blankley even agreed at one point, which almost caused me to fall off my seat.

The reason? It was a year-end review and all five panelists were in agreement that the Bush Administration’s handling of the situation in Iraq has been incompetent and disgraceful. John McLaughlin and Pat Buchanan have frequently been critical of the White House, but the reactionary Blankley usually comes to Bush’s defense with a voice as loud as his sense of fashion. This week, however, he seemed to have his tail between his legs.

Bye bye.

3...2...1...Happy blog year!

I am ringing in 2007 with my first attempt at a blog. As a number of friends can attest, I frequently offer opinions on a multitude of issues either in person or via email, and I often pass along links that I find interesting. Now I'll post these thoughts, ideas and items of interest on The Hubster, if only to satiate my ego and, more importantly, to keep me writing.

I hope to post consistently, and I encourage anyone who comes across my scribblings to offer feedback by leaving a comment. Thank you.