Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Transportation changes

Bernard Cohen, the state's secretary of transportation, is out, and word is that Jim Aloisi is Deval Patrick's top choice for the spot. Aloisi (in photo), an East Boston native, has been involved in transportation issues at the state level for years.

How will all this affect the proposed toll increases?


Anonymous said...

This won't change anything. Just another hack appointee by the Deville administration. When will this state realize that a one party, one rule system will never work?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimbo, look at Jim's past work regarding the Big Dig. He represented everything that hurt us and now he is going to be directing more of it! what a great commonwealth!
Jim just do some digging, check it out!
Happy Holidays Jimbo

Anonymous said...

Aloisi is an East Boston native,he wont be welcome back if he is instrumental in implementating a toll hike to its current residents.
His history unfortunately seems to indicate he is more a part of the problem, than the solution.
Our local pols all know him, he has donated to them. Lets see what they can do with him.People are watching this very closely.