Sunday, June 7, 2009

Proper disposal of hazardous waste

Trash that contains some form of hazardous waste should not be put out for normal curbside pick-up, but rather disposed of in a more responsible manner. Many residents -- myself included -- have not taken advantage of the city's services in this area, but I need to step up and do so, as do all of us.

Every few weeks there is a Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day scheduled in a different part of the city. Yesterday (sorry I didn't post this earlier) it was at UMass-Boston, but there will be another on June 27 at the West Roxbury Public Works Yard. I believe that East Boston is in the rotation, so if you'd rather not drive across the city (and I, for one, have never even been to West Roxbury -- and got lost on my only visit to Hyde Park) just need to be patient.

To see a list of the items that are accepted on drop-off days, click here. We should keep in mind that these things are hazardous if dumped in a landfill with the rest of our refuse, as they contain chemicals that can leach into the ground and eventually into the public drinking water supply. The list includes products that many of us have in our houses and apartments: drain cleaner, art supplies, insecticides, aerosol cans, mercury thermometers, batteries, turpentine, bleach, nail-polish remover, and much more.

Televisions and computer monitors are not accepted at the drop-off, but -- even easier -- the city's public works department will pick up these items curbside if you call them at 617-635-7574. For more information go to the City of Boston household hazardous waste web page or call 617-635-4959.


Kat said...

Those who are using electronic devices and who left then anywhere after being used may cause some harm to anybody. It may result to creating a fire which could burn houses in the neighborhood.

N.starluna said...

Kat is right that electronic devices are environmental hazards, although I haven't seen anything linking them to house fires. There are tons of heavy chemicals (lead, mercury, etc) in these devices and they shouldn't be thrown away in the regular trash.

If you have unused electronic devices, the city will come and pick them up for free. You do have to call to schedule the pickup but you only have to put it out on your regular trash day. The electronics that they will take are:
-Computer monitors
-fridges (you have to take the door off)
-water coolers

To schedule a pickup call: 617-635-7574 or send an email to

Anonymous said...

did anyone get a really good look at the east boston paper today..."Congratulations Class of 2008", that's one wicked bad editing job!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe they were congratulating last year's class for having survived a year out of high school? Or were these just belated congrats?

Anonymous said...

they weren't either belated or for was plane old bad editing...the whole "copy and paste" thing is great for a newspaper, but let's get serious here...a paper that already doesn't report enough news about EAST BOSTON or correctly for that matter, goes ahead and screws up that big of a headline...come on, not cool...hey, at least all of the pols got the year correct!