Friday, July 3, 2009

LUC announces grants

The East Boston Land Use Council recently presented $20,000 in charitable grants from the Leonard Florence Memorial Trust Fund. Included are scholarships for local students in private schools and money for non-profit agencies.

The list can be viewed at


N.starluna said...

I wonder if anyone on the LUC would also release the numbers of applications received and for what. I would like to know how many applications were denied. It would be nice to know if there is an unmet need in the community that could be addressed by other local organizations.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jimbo

A Huge Thank You for this.

Now to Star;
I was wondering why you don't attend any of our meeting since you are so interested in us(not sarcastic)?

Over the years we have been fortunate to only have to deny a handful of requests,and we do not allocate anyone any money untill the deadline is passed.

Examples of denied applications: Rent,water,sewer,tax,phone bills,personal travel to Disney world to compete in a competition,FRAUD(Yes Fraud),etc.

We then take applications for an extra week.

The council then opens them all up at an open public meeting,and we see what we get.

Once we see who meets the qualifications,we then as evenly as possible divide the money up ,to be sure everyone gets some of the money.

Some years the demand is not as great as it was this year,and so they would get more.

There is always un met needs in our community,as there are other outlets(EBFoundation,K-Trustetc. that people can apply for.

To my knoledge we are the only group that goes the extra mile to advertise the application process for two weeks,leaves it open for 30 days,invites the public,and then advertises the list of awarded grants.

We are also the only program that does not have a 20 page application to fill out.

We "DO NOT" take a penny from the 20,000.00 to process. Our petty cash drawer pays for the paper,envelopes,postage,etc..

This ensures that every single penny goes to the community as Mr. Florence put in writing.

Mr.Florence Loved Eastie,and gave this gift in perpituity,and attached it to the deed of the property,so that any one who buys it must continue to give Eastie this money.

It was put together by Bob Strelitz atty,and Robert Travaglini for the community,and Lenny,and his atty retired superior court judge Albert Kramer.

I want to stay as positive as possible on this one due to problems getting this published in the East Boston Times,who refused cash money last week to print the list in last weeks paper.

One more thing Star,I do not get a vote on the money or any thing infront of the council,and the council is forbidden to take any money for itself.

I hope this clears things up for you.

So for instance we got 39 applications this year,and awarded 36 grants.

If you need more info,or would like about 2000 pages of info sent to you,at .50 cents per page,plus a 100.00 processing fee please e-mail me at

The money would be donated in your name to a charity of your choice.

Thanks Jimbo big time !
Joseph J.Mason
East Boston Land Use Council

Anonymous said...

So there you go N.starluna. For $1100.00, Joe Mason will send you all the information you want about the LUC grants.

Hmmm, I was wondering, is the LUC a non-profit registered with the Attorney General's office? Do they file tax returns? Who's bank account do the Florence funds get deposited into? Do they have a federal tax id number? When's the last time their books were audited?

Anonymous said...

Hello Jimbo, keep up the good work. Now to Joe, its not your money that is given out and you try to dictate it as it was yours. Monies that are held by certain organizations are in place to help people who need it or deserve it. I hope this mentality of ownership will end and lets make this a better place. Nuf said Joe

Anonymous said...

As I said I am staying positive ,and no matter who attacks its not going to work.

NSTAR it was a joke,as you can log onto and print a list for free,or cut it out of last weeks East Boston Times.

To the antagonists,its the community of East Bostons money DUH ! Hence thats why we don't use a single cent to process it.


Good luck in your continued hatred,but its NEVER gooing to work.
Just look at that list of who got this years grants.

Oh by the way destructive dudes .

The contract Lenny signed starts off by saying this is a contract between the East Bosrton Land Use Council,and Leonard Florence ,or his succsssors.NO ONE ELSE !

Its a Massachusetts court registered document between only two parties.

So your uninformed as usual.

Lenny was a smart man,and I am proud to say I worked for him for 15 years,and stayed friends for another 30 years even through his roughest times before he passed a way.

Also destructive dudes,if you are from Eastie,ask people who got a Grant what the checks say.

We give them a copy along with a nice lettter.

No one sees the actual checks as they are mailed to the vendor,but you know that because its in the application ad.

You just want to break chops. Not happening .

I am also willing to bet you have benefited from the program,in one form or another,or a family member has.

Again atleast we advertise,and release ALL information.

One thing that will never be released are the heart wrencing letters we get asking for a Grant.

We get letters that would break your hearts,If you had one ?

Proud to help Lenny Florence,and East Boston

Joe Mason

Hey anons Im calling you out sign your names,or shut up!

Anonymous said...

NO. I don't have to sign my name, and I don't have to shut up. It's Jimbo's blog and he makes the rules. Don't like it, don't read it. Better yet, write your own blog with your own rules!

Oh, wait, you do have a blog Joe, and looks like no one reads it.

Anonymous said...

Again staying positive;
I am proud to serve Eastie,and proud of my name.

So destructive dudes (aka Anons),its simply not going to work.

You must not be proud of your name to not want the public to know who you are,but thats O.K.,as it only gives me more energy to continue on.

Jimbo Thanks for this posting,as its easy to rebuff the attacks on this program that helps so many East Boston residents.

Have a nice day,and remember HATE=s FEAR !

Vote for Change !

Joe Mason

Anonymous said...

I am not new to East Boston but am in the dark regarding the apparent ongoing dispute between Joe Mason and the East Boston Times. I have read several barbs thrown by both sides in recent months. What happened here?

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself.
The East Boston Times apx 17 times over the past few years has refused to print Public meeting notices,or the ad for the Trust fund that a well known person left to the citizens of East Boston,even when offered cash money for the ads.

Even with them knowing we have a legal obligation to advertise for the Grant program.

You see by not taking our money to pay for the ads they can just ignore them. Accepting the money would constitute a Legal binding contract,and they would be forced to put the ads in,or be sued.

It is my opinion that not only is the Times doing so willingly,but they are also acting on behalf of a certain politician who currently represents Eastie.

You see they have so much hatred,they do not care if it ends this great program,that helps so many children,seniors,etc.

Go to ,or click on the link in this post by Jimbo to see where the money went.

Again we get 20,000.00 every year,and we give out every single cent to you the public,with the L.U.C..Forbidden from taking a single penny .

We pay for the postage,envelopes,paper etc. out of our petty cash ,so we can do what Mr. Florence wanted. "To help as many Eastie folks as possible".

But not to worry as our attys have cleared the way to not have to use the Times any more,starting with next years Grant program.

We will be using the Net,and 2 other papers,one English,and one Spanish(they are residents also),and can apply.

Although no one knows for sure,Ive been told the paper is now printed in Texas,and may only have a circulation of only 8-10 thousand,in a community of apx 40,000.

They also no longer go door to door since buying out the old owner Lou Tirone.

Meaning only 25% mighjt have a chance to see the ads,and apply for a grant.

I simply give up trying to ask people who do not even live in Eastie to help Eastie,and their owners Do Not live any where near Eastie,to care about poor kids needing help to go to college,or a Little League,or a group of Seniors who may need money for a bus.

If I am wrong,on the numbers printed,then the Times should show our community an actual invoice showing how many papers are printed,or at least its advertisers.

Its a very sad chapter for all of us,and only when we get a second paper will things turn around.

Vote for change !
I will no longer be responding to this post,as I feel I have covered everything,and after suffering,a Stroke,Heart Ayyack,and blood clot problems needing 7 major operations this year,I am simply to tired to argue with them,or anyone else.

God Bless,and Thanks Jimbo !
Joe Mason
jmason023@aol ,if you want to ask more e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

Joe you are ridiculous. If you didnt have this money the land Use Council would not exsist. You should step down as the president so the landuse can perform its duties of serving the community at the zonning and licensing board. I am sure their are some young people who would love to take over. Then you could keep the Florence money and that can be your calling. When was the last time the LUC voted on a zoning case? Your LUC forefathers are rolling in their graves. Move on and take your on advice on "time for a change". After all I thought you were sick?

Anonymous said...

These attacks on Joe Mason in this blog from people at the Times makes me wonder what the agenda is.I am coming to the conclusion that if Menino cant control it,then destroy it. To bash this man relentlessly and hurt the community by not even taking money to post announcements is disgraceful.I think 12;24 is John Lynds,and if it is, he is below contempt.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it is John Lynds hurling these attacks I think it is Joe mason hurling attacks at himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimbo, great work!
Now lets stop the fussing, yes Joe is sick and yes he is the president of L.U.C those are facts. Here are some more facts, LUC doesnt carry any water anymore and joe knows that but he enjoys being president. Whats wrong with that?
LUC is merely a name now and no one has to go in front of it, as a matter of fact I was told not too.
So everyone stay cool and know your place,
Take care Jimbo great blog

Jim said...

Let's try to get away from the personal attacks. It is complete speculation to guess who is submitting anonymous comments. Even knowing someone's point of view or writing style doesn't mean too much as those can be emulated for the sake of mockery.

Anonymous said...

Let me say it again. Anons comments are more than not John Lynds,and you are right. If City Hall can't control it,they destroy it,as its happened to other groups and people in other sections of Boston.

But don't worry I am immune from cowards attacking as Anons,its been going on for a long time.

They refuse to i.d. themselves,or come to a meeting,and openly debate me,or the council.

Thats because their agenda is to hurt people ,as ours is to help people.

Yes to the poster 7-28 11;32,they refuse our money.

I notice that they didn't respond to the parts about how few papers are printed,and that they may be printed in Texas.

But not to worry folks !If they were proud of who they are,and sure they could defend their HATRED,they would sign their names.

What they are not smart enough to understand is that they look foolish.

Anyone willing to destroy that Trust fund for all those kids,Seniors etc.,just to hurt me,are simply dangerous,and missing a few screws.

Come on sign your names,don't be shy,be Proud of who you are,even if you want to destroy this Trust fund,and hurt so many innocent people.

Are you afraid people will hate you more than you hate me?
Joe Mason

And NO I do not post Anon,as I am very proud of my name!

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on the circulation speculation regarding the Times. I dont know if its printed in Revere anymore,but it was for many years. To obtain in the industry a "CAC Rating" you must print once a year in your publication your circulation. The Times has never done so.I know in the 90's the Times printed approx 5000 copies a week because I knew two printers who worked there. If advertising is down, they may be printing even less now.

Anonymous said...

I would love to debate you at one of your meetings but you no longer hold any. Its a shame the land use council disbanded.

Anonymous said...

the last poster August 3rd.
Its obvious that you are clueless in East Boston.

Our meetings have,and never will stop .
The meeting lists are posted on numerous sites including

So I challenge you who in my opinion will never debate me,because then we will know who you are,and may sue for defamation,and slander.

So click open our meeting list ,and come on down.

Let me know so I can video tape it for record keeping.

Face it,you are a hacks lap dog doing his work,and thats horrible.

Once again I dare you to debate me any time you want,and lets post it on youtube,so all can see who the insult hurling Anon is.

Nice try ,but as usual lies,lies,lies,get a life and come on down.

Hey Jimbo Ill bet you a Pizza at Kellys Pub this Anon is a chicken.

All talk,no action.

Ill also bet its a non Eastie person.

My e-mail is dude e-mail me ,and lets debate it,heck lets advertise it in the Times,,and the Hubster.
Joe Mason
A Proud Eastbostonian

Anonymous said...

What a Disgrace !

To the blog owner;How could you let some of these nasty comments be posted,when you know this is a great program for Eastie residents.

Please do not let these ridiculous people get to you.
As a single Mom trying to get my kid a better education,I have been applying for,and getting Grants from the Land Use Council for the past five years,and have always been treated with respect by them.

I have nothing but utter disgust at how you are being attacked ,not only on this post ,but I took time to read other posts,and I think the blog owner needs to shome some respect for Eastie,and not put untruthful,bigotry,and out right lies to be posted about you.

You see folks I have a terminal illness,and am fighting hard to see my kid through college,so evey penny counts.

Hold your head up high Mr. Mason,and ignore the ignorant.

A very humble person,and Joe I am grant number 2009-34
(I am afraid to sign my name on this blog after what Ive read.
Just a shame.)

I hope you get better real soon !
Much Love to you !