Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sorry Ted

We saw this coming in recent days, but it's still a stunner. Swayed by a charismatic, good-looking guy who spouted a few platitudes, the voters of Massachusetts just voted against everything that Sen. Edward Kennedy stood for -- just months after hailing his legacy.


Michael said...

I left Boston, MA two years ago and if you would have told me a Republican would be sitting in Kennedy's seat, I would have thought you were on your way to the loony bin. Goes to show you, the adage about death and taxes holds true.

John said...

I think people continued to vote for TK because of what he could bring back to Massachusetts, not because of his policies. I consider myself an independent and I've voted for TK in the past, not because I felt he was right on target with his policies but because he could reach across the aisle, work with anyone, and would help out any Mass resident that needed it. I'm confident that Scott Brown will do the same.

PS - I'm already sick of the "how stupid are these people" comments all over the web. These "stupid" voters are the same "brilliant" voters that elected Obama.

N.starluna said...

I've had personal experience working with Scott Brown. I would be less concerned if my experience indicated that Brown was capable of working across the aisles and helping out a Massachusetts resident when needed. Unfortunately, my experience indicates that he is a bit too self-interested, a little too opportunistic, and lacking in good communication skills when under pressure to be a good senator.

I understand the frustration with the stupid voter comments. It's immature and off the mark. However, I do think that some voters may have been misled or misinformed. For example, Brown's campaign made him out to be a pro-small business guy. However, his policy positions, and his voting record in the State House indicate that he's happy to compromise the interests of small and medium size businesses in order to support large business interests.