Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boil-water order issued for region

A "catastrophic leak" in a pipe that brings water to Boston and surrounding communities has sprung a leak and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has cautioned people not to drink tap water until further notice and to refrain from unnecessary use (washing cars, watering lawns) to make solving the problem easier.

A pipe in Weston is apparently dumping eight million gallon of water an hour into the Charles River, and people in that town and east of it are under the advisory. Crews and engineers are on the scene.

Updated to reflect new information (5-1-10, 9:05 p.m.)


Eric M. said...

Uh, where did you get the bit about "stop[ping] water use altogether"? Seems they're asking us to reduce consumption, e.g. no washing cars or watering lawns. Neither of which I have anyway.

Jim said...

In the early moments of the spill I read that somewhere, but I've adapted the post to reflect what you said.