Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let Stein debate

I think it's disgraceful that Jill Stein is being kept out of some of the gubernatorial debates because she fails to meet rules created by a small group of media outlets. Stein, the Green-Rainbow candidate who has run for governor and other offices in the past, my be polling in the single digits, but she is a legitimate candidate -- smart, articulate and serious. A number of people felt that she was the only candidate who exceeded expectations in one of the earlier debates.

The media consortium sponsoring the debates is not a civic group, but is made up of The Boston Globe and several TV and radio stations. Yesterday Stein was kept out of a debate held on WBZ radio. The bias against third-party candidates in this country is what allows Democrats and Republicans to keep a lock on political power. Stein is a physician and an activist who lives in Lexington, and many of us would like her voice to be part of the discussion.


dylan said...

I'm with you. I have scant use for Stein's politics, but yes,anyone who is on the ballot should be in the debates.

Anonymous said...

Sign the petition demanding her inclusion in all the debates. She's being excluded from the WTKK-FM radio debate this morning at 9am, hosted Jim Braude & Margery Eagan. Eagan's hit piece hackery in the Herald was so vile that it amazes me these people are elevated to gatekeeper status. And check out to build the clean money tidal wave that knock these amateur gatekeepers off their perch. Even if you don't agree with Stein on her issues, this is about democracy now. Who's the new decider? Is it the media or is it the people? I say it's the people... but we haven't been able to make that the reality... YET!