Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For art's sake

The front of the Metro section in today's Globe has a story with the sub-head, "East Boston blossoming into arts community of note." One local artist says that the neighborhood "is really accepting of the artists from other neighborhoods." Another says that Eastie is "the last unspoiled bastion of Boston for artists."

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Kazak said...

They talk about the City's destruction of the Fort Point artist community (in favor of the BRA-sanctified community that is to be built over there) and how some of the artists from that n'hood have fled to Eastie. Here's hoping we don't have something similar happen here.

There is a large development to go in next to 80 Border Street (New Street) and the other stalled waterfront developments waiting on the drawing board. This will affect rents but given the complexity of the market right now (foreclosures potentially hung up, housing values bouncing around haphazardly and rents apparently rising - according to the same issue of the Globe) God only knows what the outcome will be. Anyone that tells you they know is either talking out of an orifice that is not their mouth or is a realtor trying to get by.