Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nowhere to go but up

Looks like East Boston's state Rep. Carlo Basile has the worst office in the State House. The Globe has a story today on how legislative office space is assigned by the leadership, and with Bob DeLeo taking them helm in House there will be some changes.

The rank-and-file members -- those without leadership posts or committee chairs -- get what's left, sometimes setting up shop in the building's basement. In the photo, Basile works in a small space with cubicle partitions around his desk. Hopefully, he'll get a bump upstairs in the near future.


N.starluna said...

I can't say I can be sympathetic. I share an office, with three other lecturers. Some semesters we end up having office hours at the same time. When we have students come to see us, it gets pretty crowded. Makes it difficult when students have personal issues that they need to discuss. But I count myself lucky because most other institutions don't even provide office space to part time faculty.

Anonymous said...

whats this rumor about Basile working for Menino's re-election?that comes as a complete surprise to me,can he get him a bigger office?

Anonymous said...

Who is in the photo with him? Is that his new aide? I know Mike Sulprizio is still in the office, but I've never seen that woman at any community meetings representing Carlo.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jimbo, your posting pictures of pols now--isn't that the Time's job?
You always seem to come down hard on them for that.
Why don't you ever mention the good stories the Times does from time to time. You know a 'I saw this in the Times and it was pretty good' type of thing.
No, instead you pick out one or two 'straight news' stories and ridicule them like that's the entire paper.
They cover everything from politics, to neighborhood news, to features to schools--all with I think one or two guys writing.
I saw this week a story feature picture--a very nice picture that I was amazed to find out was taken in East Boston--on dog sleding.
A feature on a local artist. A news story on Zumix and a few other pretty good stories.
Why are you so hard on the Times all the time.
I'm a new resident here and find it very entertaining.
Is there background politics or a hidden ax to grind against John Lynds that I'm not aware of?
Just curious.

New to EB