Monday, April 13, 2009

Have it your way

The Globe reports on the controversial Burger King that is coming to Maverick Square. As the story points out, the city's licensing board approved the site owner's application for a fast-food chain franchise in February after twice rejecting it previously.

Many in East Boston are against BK occupying 1 Maverick Square, which used to be barroom, and their thinking is that it'd be great to attract some locally-owned, higher-end businesses to the newly-renovated square. However, others make what seems like a reasonable case: those establishments are not coming to Maverick Square and it's better to have a fast-food joint than an abandoned building.


Boydi said...

I was initially against the BK. I live one street outside the square and didn't want the additional trash and noise. Having dealt with the construction for over a year now I think that anything new and well run would be a welcome addition. We already have large chains in the square (DD, Store 24/Honeydew).

The Burger King will be long term anchor services to the square. I am hopeful that they will be a good neighbor and keep loitering and trash to a minimum (it would be nice if some of the other eateries in the area would do the same).

It would be nice to have something more upscale, but having something clean and new to replace the dilapidated structure which is there now is better than nothing.

Eric said...

I agree. While it would be nice to have a local place there (upscale or otherwise), a new, clean BK is far better than the vacant, burned-out bar. Thank god it's not a KFC, otherwise my cholesterol would go through the roof.

I don't quite understand the urge to "up-scale" Eastie. Places like Angela's and 303 are really the sorts of places I'd like to see more of.

Murdock said...

I’m not sure that “something” is better than “nothing” – especially when that “something” may actually impede the long term betterment of an area. The empty building is relatively temporary, whereas a BK, once approved, will stick around for at least 10 years if not far longer. The reason the building has sat empty for so long is because it’s leased to the BK operator. If the BK was ultimately rejected, this space would be returned to the market and we’d have a better idea of what alternative uses may emerge. Until then, who knows what would open in that space? There are a few new places set to open on Sumner Street – perhaps those businesses would have preferred the Maverick Square location if it had been available. There’s just no way to know.

While I do sympathize with the property rights argument of the BK proponent, anyone who works in real estate in Boston knows that the city treats development as a “privilege” and not as a “right” – even at the building permit level. For better or worse, community input was sought/required and the community was overwhelmingly against this project for many valid and good reasons.

On a side note, I recently noticed that the M&J ice cream shop opened by a nice couple on Sumner Street closed and was replaced by, what else?, another taqueria. It seems the more we hope for change, the more things stay the same…

Anonymous said...

East Boston is not going upscale.The waterfront development project is not happening.Unless its low income housing.Maverick will continue to look like a honky tonk.In another five years the town will be overwhelmingly Latino,white flight is already obvious.I hold no hope for this once great community.In many parts of Eastie it doesnt even look like you are in America anymore.

James said...

In response to "Murdock," the Burger King operator was only renting the property. He had a 5 year lease at $3,000/month recorded in the Registry. He is in his 3rd year. No other business could get in there unless he transferred his lease. With over $200,000 in renovations needed and the high monthly lease, it was unlikely that anyone besides a chain store could have gone in there.

The owner was contacted by many, asking for him to bring another business in but he reportedly could care less about Maverick Square. He also didn't want to sell.

Anonymous said...

to me,its better than another out of control bar hiding under the term"Family Restaurant".

The same people who are against B.K. are in full support of the now CLOSED Tequilas moving its full Alc license to Tex Mex next to the cleaners.
Could it possibly be that the "UPSCALE" places people want do demographic checks,as well as say DRIVE through a city before investing.

Now to the just sold Cafe Italia on Meridian street.
When Tony ran it no problems,now Wed-Sat,the music is so loud my bedroom shakes,welcome to the real world people.

We should be counting our blessings this guy will spend MUCH more than 200 grand to open.

The lease by the way is for 10 years,but it was closed for more than that,and its Liq license is now at McFaddens club ib Boston.

go to,and you can print the lease. Its not 3000. a month.

Now to this never ending trash stuff.

How on Earth can you blame ANY owner of a store,rest,etc if a guy buys a take out meal,goes to Piers Park eats,and tosses it on the ground?

Is he,or she supposed to follow customers? NO !

Its all about the return on the investment.
Starbucks is closing 600 locations.

Had enough of these people.Who by the way also said Dominos would destroy that area,only to support a 24 hour cvs with 2 drive through pick up,and drop off prescription windows.

Good Luck Jay

Anonymous said...

The day eastie will go upscale is the day when celebrity chef todd english takes over mi publito on border street as head chef, wait until pollo chicken comes to eastie there is one at the former rileys roast beef in chelsea with people lining up from east la for a bite of crispy chicken,the new burger king will attract youngsters who drive hondas with loud mufflers and stereos obviously these people will double park in maverick sq and throw their burger wraps out the car window,

Jim said...

Anonymous at 4:19 p.m. seems to have little knowledge of the "America" he references. The nation's history is filled with the stories of immigrants, including his own ancestors, who were probably looked down at by those who came before. Many have looked around East Boston and lamented the loss of a "once-great community" -- including Russian Jews and the Irish, who were here before the Italians. The beat goes on.

N.starluna said...

It seems like the racists and the bigots have crawled out from under their rock with the advent of spring.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo its 4:19 responding.America is indeed a melting pot,but once upon a time when immigrants came here,they became citizens,and learned to speak English. Sadly today we have illegal immigrants with little or no education and job skills.They do not learn our language,lower the wage standard,and increase the cost of healthcare.EB has more than its share and they are hurting our community.

Jim said...

Everything I've read and heard tells me that your conception of the immigrant experience of yesteryear is a myth. The reality is that Germans, Italians, Chinese and other immigrant groups that came in huge numbers between the Civil War and World War I -- percentages that dwarf today's influx -- were looked on with great suspicion by those already living here. They were vilified for not speaking the language, for eating strange foods and for the fear that they were cooperating with America's enemies. They were publicly chastised for having inferior skills and inferior morals. Time has morphed that experience into a warm and fuzzy period.

Today's immigrants are not hurting the community, but revitalizing it. All those store fronts that are Latino businesses would be boarded up if they weren't eateries, hair stylists, and other establishments. We can complain about another pupuseria or roasted chicken place opening, but there is clearly a demand for such food.

East Boston is, or soon will be, a majority Latino neighborhood. This is the flow of history. Sixty years ago the neighborhood was packed solid with poor southern Italians, kids running all around, laundry hung out windows, the smell of garlic everywhere and some people were disgusted by them. As I said, the beat goes on.

Anonymous said...

4:19 again--the difference in the past is that these immigrants were documented,became legal citizens, and assimilated into American culture--big difference as to what is going on now--I agree that all of these other ethnic groups were persecuted to various extents--all I can say to you is

N.starluna said...

4:19 - to hear you state that you'll be leaving Boston makes me understand how New Yorkers felt when Rush Limbaugh announced he will be leaving NYC. Warms the heart, it does.

Jim said...

4:19 ... I grew up in East Boston and have lived here most of my life. Many of the second-generation Italians I grew up with had/have parents who learned little English and some who never bothered getting citizenship. Whatever. That didn't bother me then and it doesn't bother me now.

I read an article recently about how few of the immigrants at the turn of the century bothered learning English, and I saw a period newspaper that attacked German immigrants in the Midwest for not bothering to do so. Today, on the other hand, ESL classes are full even though it is difficult to enroll when one is working two jobs.

Facts can be difficult items for some to wrestle with.

Anonymous said...

yeah like the fact that we have milions of people wandering around the US and we dont know who they are(remember 9-11) or that it is an insult to those trying to come here legally--if you want to support the entire world and give them free healthcare good luck to you--I'm not a racist,I just want people coming here through the legal channels.I've lived here 52 years-N.Starluna are you a US citizen?and how long have you lived in EB?

Anonymous said...

Joe, how much is the lease for? You said it wasn't $3,000. I am curious.

Anonymous said...

I noticed on that this lease is between a landlord from Saugus and a corporation from downtown Boston. Regardless of whether it is right or wrong to open a BK, shouldn't people from EAST BOSTON be the ones to decide what happens in the most important business district in our neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

How does how long N.Starluna has lived in East Boston have anything to do with her knowledge of illegal immigration? That doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Estaba pensando sobreviviendo con mi sister en New Jersey, *
Ella me dijo que es una vida buena alla,
Bien rica bien chevere, Y voy! Puneta!

Anonymous said...

How do the people posting about illegal immigrants know who the illegal immigrants are. I know legal residents, citizens and illegal immigrants--all Latino--who live in Eastie and I certainly couldn't tell by looking at them or how they live which is which. Just wondering what this magic power is...

Anonymous said...

303 is for sale, it will make a great mexican joint. I would love another place to grab a taco and there they already have a beer and wine license so I can wash it down with a corana. Just another example of what Eastie needs, but the sad part is Latinos are the only ones, almost, who are willing to buy and put money back in the community. I do blame the lack of support for local owned businesses on the sale of this business and the lack of patronage that goes to other small locally owned business in Eastie. Keep going to chains and more chain like places will open. Everyone should put there money where there mouth is and stop spending at places that aren't owned by locals who own businesses and support them. Otherwise, you will keep turning the keys over to "immigrant" business owners.

Anonymous said...

Does living in East Boston for 52 years equal proof that you love, care or are more of an expert on East Boston than someone who has lived here for 10 years? How? I know several people, just on my block whose family's have lived in East Boston for generations. In the last couple of years they have suddenly moved out to the burbs. If someone has lived here for forever but is about to leave for another town do they still have more claim to East Boston than someone who has only lived here for several years but wants to stay, raise a family and contribute to the community? How many years exactly do you think you have to live in East Boston before you are allowed to have an opinion?

N.starluna said...

Some years ago, my husband worked for a planning department in L.A. He found that one of the ways that the decision makers get around the community is by either tabling a decision until there are too few people in the room and then make the decision that they've already wanted to make or the head of the planning board tells the proponent to keep applying until there is no obvious objection, as measured by the number of people attending the hearings. After reading the Globe story, it appears that this may have been what has happened here. I know that I couldn't have attended the hearings because I was in the classroom during every single hearing that I heard about.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen D'Parmas (did I spell that correctly?) move into that space. It's a nice restaurant with decent prices that could use more foot traffic. Maverick Square does not necessarily need a "high end" establishment. But a Burger King is a step in the wrong direction from an economic development and public health perspective.

8:25 is absolutely correct. You couldn't tell my ethnic background by looking at me if your life depended on it.

So, to all the racists and bigots in denial, You have probably seen me at the Shaw's and thought that I was one of you. You may have even remarked something about those people to me while waiting in line with me at Meridian Market without realizing who I am and where I come from. And your attempts to try to reinforce your own superiority is not only sad, it's pathetic. You want to get angry about all of us moving in, talk with your neighbors who sold their houses at inflated prices to us. We couldn't have moved in if they hadn't left. And your property taxes wouldn't have risen if they hadn't decided to cash in on an overheated real estate market. Oh, and also blame your kids who decided to make different life choices and live somewhere else.

If you can't handle living in a multi-cultural, multi-class, neighborhood, than perhaps it really is time for you to leave because that is the direction Eastie is moving in. Time will move on, with or without you.

Jeffries Point said...

Wow. Interesting comments. Nice to see the local flavor. I knew I lived in an urban area, but didn't know it was so conflicted. I don't take the T much, so I'm not in Maverick Sq. much, except passing through. I would've voted against BK because the food is terrible, and we really need to help each other eat better than that. I could see they'd get business though, for their very low prices. I like Dough's, 303, Scups, Angela's, Meridian Market. I found recently Boston Organics (in Charlestown) delivers weekly fresh produce to my front door. If I'm feeling adventurous I usually head up to Revere Beach, Santarpio's, or maybe Tijuana in Chelsea. (What is with that new restaurant where Riley's used to be?) My grandfather escaped to NYC from Germany, married a local woman, and then retired to Florida. I ended up in Boston, and after college found Eastie was cool. I think a few jobs are worth the bad food. There are bigger problems to worry about, in my humble opinion. (Like grafiti - it's really getting out of hand. Scribbles, everywhere!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, look when burger king is done and ready for business in maverick sq, the owner can built several condo's on top of burger king with beutiful views of the boston skyline, perhaps he can rent the condos out to ms13 members because the establishment will attract these machete wielding scumbags.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out the irony of how a BK being opened by a white guy has turned into an all out assault on the burgeoning Latino population.

As a Irish/Italian mutt, I have seen the racism between the two populations in the commonwealth. There are still circles you can get into on the South Shore where they'll say "Italians just aren't like white people". I've spoken with Eastie residents of Irish descent who still talk about how the Italians came in, put up faux brick siding and Mary on the half shells everywhere. The neighborhood was "of course" great before "they" got here. They were different, not worse, not better, but it was a moment of change.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys know anything about the building in the corner of Summer and Orleans? Work is being done, and I hope maybe a nice restaurant or coffee would take place.

Eric said...

to anon at 10:13 am - do you mean the old firehouse? I believe that's still going to be the new home of zumix:

I'm glad they're finally renovating it.

Anonymous said...

N. Starluna you have a great deal of rage within you.Like most extreme liberals you cannot justify your belief that unlimited illegal immigration is good. So you call someone who doesnt agree with you a racist,Rush Limbaugh,whatever.When confronted with facts,you personally attack the messenger.Your "undercover blending in " remarks were bizarre.For your information I am a black american.How many black people do you think lived in EB 52 years ago?I've seen racism,lived it.But I am a US citizen and you still havent told us whether you are or not.Are you??

James said...

Anon @ 10:13, if you are referring to the old firehouse on Sumner & Orleans, it will be the new home for Zumix, a wonderful organization that provides music education to young folks around town:

James said...

In response to Anon @9:34PM, 303 Cafe is NOT for sale.

And I would also just like to stick up for Starluna and ask to lay off her a bit. She is passionate about her issues, but that doesn't mean that she is enraged. We should be able to discuss difficult issues with calmness and rational responses. If this blog was full of people who all agreed with each other, then it would be very boring and no one would read it. Lets keep the debate, but without the personal attacks.

Also, quoting the playbooks of left-wing NPR hosts or right-wing radio hosts verbatim is not considered supporting evidence for your arguments in my book. Come up with your own original arguments and your points will come across much better.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How could I miss that 303 is for sale? I really hope something nice replaces it and it doesn't have to be upscale.

Anonymous said...

303 is for sale, on the QT. The owners don't want anyone to know, but there are trying to sell. I spoke to one of the owners myself. They are having difficulties and need to sell, but don't want anyone to know. It's too bad, but if it is best for them, then they should sell. Whatever makes them happy!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I hope Pollo Compero goes there...LOL.

Mary Berninger said...

I'll miss 303 Cafe. Often, our entire family (including the extended family) will go there for breakfast on the weekend and the staff is wonderful. They never seem to get fazed by a large group and they never rush the customers. I called the restaurant to say that I'd heard of their closing, but the woman who answered denied that was the case. Maybe they are keeping it quiet. I hope it's not true, but if it does close, I hope another restaurant of the same kind opens. It was a plus for East Boston.

N.starluna said...

11:15 - what facts are you talking about? Please tell us. I do so love discussing facts.

But, just to make sure that we are on the same page, here is the definition of the term fact used by those of us who are researchers: something that actually exists in reality AND can be checked and either confirmed or denied. As we use the term, facts are objective and verifiable.

Oh, and if you could please reference the specific time stamp in which you discussed these alleged facts, that would really be helpful.

In addition, please explain how it is impossible that any individual can be free of racist attitudes simply because they are a person of color? It is entirely illogical that the condition of being part of a marginalized group inherently prevents them from holding from holding a mindset that they are superior to a group of people as a consequence of that group being an Other.

Racism, remember, is the assertion that there is a relationship between specific immutable characteristics (like ethnicity) and specific sociocultural traits (like lack of interest in learning how to speak English) or behavioral traits (like being loud or purposefully littering).

I would also argue that your obsession with my civil status is yet another indicator of your racist attitudes. To precondition your willingness to partake in a conversation on whether or not I'm a citizen is by definition asserting that my ethnic background (and my political status) is somehow related to the merit in my argument.

I find it interesting that you accuse me of being full of rage. In fact, I find the overt racism displayed time in and time out on this blog rather tiring. But since Jimbo does not censor the comments on this blog, I do not feel compelled to the countenance the racism and bigotry that he allows through. And I appreciate the ability to hold people accountable for their statements. If you state or imply that somehow East Boston is worse because some folks who are different than you are moving in, with no supporting argument or evidence that the quality of life in Eastie is in fact worse AND that those worsening conditions are directly caused by this entire group of people, than that is racism.

And I will call it out every chance I get. Just because Jimbo lets you say anything you want here doesn't mean this is a safe space for racism, bigotry, and the spreading of hate.

Anonymous said...

The ribbon cutting for the new pollo campero in eastie will be attended regrettably by local pol's, the opening will be on the front page of the globe, with hundreds or thousands lining up for crispy chicken, officials say the opening will attract thousand, the last time thousands of people came out in droves was in 1979 when the pope drove through east boston, the scary part of this grand opening no one knows exactly where in eastie it will be, some say on orient ave others say on webster st no one knows yet

Anonymous said...

To the person who is desperate to know N.Starluna's legal status, can you explain why? And why does she have to be a citizen? There are many people who live in this country legally who are not citizens. What is wrong with that? I have a friend who has lived in Europe for a few years. She is a legal resident but does not want to change her citizenship status. Is there something wrong with that?

Also, if you are so suspicious of N.Starluna, would you even believe what she tells you about her status? I doesn't sound like it.

Last of all, I try to avoid listening to Rush Limbaugh, but almost every time I have, he has made a racist comment...

Anonymous said...

As far as the Burger King, all we have to do is “walk on by” just like the song. Maverick Sq. has many places to eat and they should be supported. The Burger King will be gone quickly if they don’t hit their numbers.

Dam I’m going to miss 303 CafĂ©, I liked going there with my daughter on Sunday mornings. Locally owned eclectic neighborhood places to eat are few and far between. We tend to adopt them as our own.

As far as the changing demographic in East Boston……..let it go! It has been happening for hundreds of years. It has never been static, it’s the most dynamic part of city living. Jews, Irish, Italian, Latino, German, it always changes. New populations, new cultures, restaurants, bakeries, ethnic food in grocery stores, carnivals, parades. You can fear it of embrace it.

Problems? Yes, nothing new about that but in a real community the community gets together and solves the problems. That might be the problem in Eastie, a community based on geographic boundaries, a community in name only.

Anonymous said...

Is 303 really for sale? That would be a shame, but not that surprising. Although the concept is great and the food is good, I never felt they got the service part down. Going to breakfast there meant committing 2 hours to the task, something I only rarely want to do.

As for Burger King, well, I am opposed. I went to the community meetings and I expressed my feelings. Even then, though, I knew it was just a matter of time.

I'm disappointed in Eastie. When I moved here seven years ago it seemed abound in potential and now, not so much.

Mary B. said...

Does anyone know what is going into the location at 999 Saratoga Street, where Zafferano's was located? I noticed a construction permit in the window and a worker entering the building today carrying copper piping. I hope it's a business that will add to the square. That location has unique limitations regarding parking, especially since most have to cross the street to park or go around to Bayswater and Barnes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone


Across from the front door of the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is a huge building with an awesome Mural on it.

I suggest "Everyone"stop,and take a look at it,as it is Easties history.

Now I fail to see how a topic about a Burger King opening on Maverick Square has anything to do with the words "Immigrants",or for that matter "Illegal Immigrants"have to do with a Burger King.

Nor does it have anything to do with who is a citizen ,or not. I know many people,including Italians who are here ,and are not citizens,or have not learned the language.

Man I can not fathom ,I am supporting an NStarLuna battle,but its the right thing to do.

My only problem with "Illegal Immigrants" of ALL countries is they are not being properly supervised medically,such as getting all the shots needed to fight off diseases,and thats why we see the return of things we thought we iliminated decades ago.

Nstar;I was recently hospitalized ,and my room mate was an 80 year old Italian from the North End.

Hes been living here apx 63 years his family said,he never learned English,or became a citizen.

So the argument is mute.But it was nice for me to talk to another person who spoke my language.

My call for stricter ALL border controls is to stop the drugs,and crime that comes with it.

So if this makes anyone mad,thats your right in this great country.

God Bless America.The Burger King will not hurt Maverick.

Unlike the cowards who run Dunkins in Central Square,I can assure you all, this owner of this B.K. takes no shit from no one.

Drunks,and druggies will be tossed out on thier ass,as they are in his Boylston,and Park street stores.

Best of Luck Jay White

Dom C.

Anonymous said...

I think most people who seem to be touching on change and race I think are pointing to how things have changed. A lot of people will point to the former Italian businesses that once dotted the community there's one differnce--'diversity in the types of business'. The Capogreco's owned a food store, the Serra's owned a restaurant, the Lombardo's owned a function hall, the Mangini's owned a bar and then there were dozens of other businesses like Italian owned flower shops, shoe stores, tailors, clothing stores, dry cleaners, cleaning services, doctors offices, attorneys, insurance, bakeries, pizza joints, etc. It just seems that everytime a Latino opens a business you can almost immediatly tell what it is--a store filled with goya products or a papuseria that has exactly the same food 50 other places have. There's no diversity and the city, if it wants to really help East Boston and Latino business owners--is help diversify the types of businesses new comers open.

Jim said...

To anonymous at 9:03 p.m.: That was a different age and it is more difficult for the local pharmacist, shoe store, fish store, clothing store, florist, etc. to survive in an age where people spend their dollars at one-stop places like Wal-Mart, Target or the malls, or even -- on a smaller scale -- Walgreens and Shaws, where you can by all the items listed above.

Anonymous said...

Those new Latino businesses are doing a bang up job. Enough restaurants and bodegas more services everyone in East Boston needs and can use.

Location 148 Meridian
Inspection date February 6, 2009
Restaurant name La Hacienda Restaurant Bar
Result Hearing
The health division can hold hearings where a permit can be suspended or revoked or a final inspection can be scheduled.

Violations Violation Severity Status Location Comment
Spoilage, unsafe food Critical foodborne illness Pass None Raw beef in walk in is dated 1-20-09. Odorous smell coming from product. Rotten cucumbers and tomatoes in walk-in. Discarded by PIC.
Tags and records Critical Pass None Tags not maintained on site for 90 days.
Food container labels Non critical Pass None Label all bulk food containers to identify product.
Inadequate facilities/cooling methods Non critical Fail None Foods tightly wrapped in deep containers after assembling. Ensure proper cooling methods. Product 59 F.
Food thermometers provided Non critical Pass None Food thermometer not accurate. Replace with working thermometer or properly calibrate it again.
Potentially hazardous food products's properly thawed Non critical Fail None Pigs feet thawing in water 90 F. Ensure proper thawing. Reviewed.
Separation, segregation, cross contamination Critical foodborne illness Fail None Raw shell stock being stored over cheese. Discontinue practice. Segregate and separate all raw and ready to eat products. Store ready to eat foods above raw foods. Organize raw products according to cooking temperatures.
Food protection Non critical Pass None Keep all raw and ready to eat foods covered during storage in refrigerator.
Adequate handwashing / where / when / how Critical foodborne illness Pass None Hot water at handsink is registering 160F. Cold water not working when I tried to wash my hands.Unable to wash hands properly.Observed staff washing hands at prep sink.Sink repaired during inspection. Staff instructed to wash hands.
Test kit provided Non critical Pass None No quats test kit.
Food contact surfaces clean Critical Pass None Clean inside of ice machine from soils. Keep scoop for ice in a clean and dry area with handle facing up. Bar-- clean nozzles of coffee machines from old coffee grinds and soils. Clean cutting boards to remove stains
Non-food contact surfaces clean Non critical Pass Bar Clean shelves in walk- in from old food spills and soils.Clean inside of all refrigeration units from food spills and soils--KITCHEN.Clean shelves in basement holding soda and water from all visible soils. Clean inside of stand up beer cooler to remove old spills and soils-BAR
Location, accessible Critical foodborne illness Pass None Brooms and barrels are blocking handsink. Discontinue practice and keep clear for easy access of staff to wash hands properly.Items removed during interview.
Insects, rodents, animals Critical Pass None Evidence of rodent droppings in basement and in light fixtures upstairs. Contact a licensed past control company A.S.A.P.
Floors designed, constructed, installed Non critical Pass Bar Missing piece of the floor, Repair.
Walls / ceilings designed, constructed, installed Non critical Pass Basement Walls and ceiling in linen storage area not properly constructed. Repair as needed.
Improper maintenance of walls and ceilings Non critical Pass Basement Floors, walls and ceilings not smooth clean, porous and durable, No food prep and all produce should be in sealed containers.
Inadequate lighting Non critical Pass None Light in walk in beer chest is broken. Repair or replace.
Dressing rooms clean/lockers provided Non critical Pass None Area in basement not properly constructed for use as employee locker room.
Separation / sanitizer criteria Critical foodborne illness Pass None Chemical spray bottle next to the juice behind the bar. Opened detergent container stored next to glassware.Discontinue practice.
Premises maintained Non critical Pass None Clean and remove all unnecessary articles in basement,
Person in charge knowledge Critical foodborne illness Pass None Food manager certificate has expired.Address

Anonymous said...

La Hicienda is a disgrace. It has turned into a full night club at night and the noise and fights outside are loud, rude and not needed. But the police and city do nothing about it. Here is another "family restuarant" gone bad. No wonder why business want to sell and get out of the neighborhood when they have to put up with crap like this and streets filled with other crappy shops. But the city created this monster by letting business after business go in without regulations, throw up shitty storefronts that make the streets look like crap and sit by and laugh as they officials drive through the tunnel evryday. I don't blame them, I wouldn't stop either.

Anonymous said...

Something's gotta be done. Eastie should adopt a 3 strikes your out rule. If they violate anything-- a serious health inspection, a serious liquor license vilation etc. then they lose thier license to operate for 90 days no ifs ands or buts.
This has to stop. I would frequently head over to Cafe Italia a night for a cocktail or glass of wine after eating at another Eastie restaurant or Boston restaurant and there was never any problems. Are these people animals? Behave like rational people. Go out, have fun but these fights and stabbing every night at La Hacianda, El Kiosko and formerly Tequila's is rediculious. All these places should be shut down. YEah bring in Burger King and other mom and pop places or cafe that live out thier intent like 303 and Ecco. Let's start getting serious about a community standard.

Anonymous said...

As far as La Hacienda goes
The old owner of Cafe Italia ( AN ITALIAN) is still the landlord ,he never sold it,he rents it to them.

People should call him at his other Cafe Italia in Marblehead,and complaign.

To the last poster Tequilas is closed as we type,and he wants to move his 7 day all alc license to Tex Mex in Maverick Square,with the full backing of the politicians,and others who were against B.K.,go figure.

These same Politicians backed the "Live Ent Lic that has now made La Hacienda a club.

But hey they all live in the quiet hills of Orient Heights.Not East Boston.

I find it so strange how people who only a few short years a go were warned about this laughed at Community Service people. Saying we got to give it (Liquor&Live ent)our own kind be mad when those very same "Own Kind"just bumped up the selling price by getting a Liquor Lic.LOLOLOLOLOL at you.

If "Our own kind "were not greedy peckers,and cared about Eastie at least we would have a balance.

Don't worry Ecco,and esp Cafe 303 will go the same way. Word on the street is 303 is already in talks.

Although I may not be happy about the lack of good quality Italian Restaurants,I am smart enough to know its because of "Our own kinds" Greed.

But hey Election time is around the corner,will you all vote for the same,or for new blood.

I am not now,nor will I ever be in support of the current status quo,nor will I ever vote for any of them.

I Like Mike F.
Chow for Now

P.S.Just about every stores signage in our business districts is in violation on numerous codes,esp those UGGGGGGLY Awening ones.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what types of businesses are here as long as they are clean, neat, follow codes and are good neighborhoods. They could be Martians for all I care. What we have, and I just walked around the neighborhood this morning--is a bunch of businesses owners that don't seem to give a sh@%. The stores are dirty, the signage is ungly, there's trash in front of the store, horrible pictures of food that doesn't look good, and cluttered windows. If there was a community standard that every new business had to comply with and old businesses have to get on board with--Eastie would look great and diversity would be its selling point but now it just looks trashy and cluttered.

Jim said...

This topic has elicited quite a few comments, and I've had to delete a few. As always, let us avoid name-calling, personal attacks, off-color language, xenophobic rants and slanderous accusations. Please stick to facts and intelligent opinion.

Anonymous said...

Since La Hacienda has opened its doors they have had security a.k.a. bouncers at the door... what kind of message do you think they are sending? any type of business that does this is asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

I think thats great Jim,
but I hope its always that case. Im heading over to your post about the East Boston Times.

Some pretty nasty stuff by a few people like John Lynds about my good friend,and then followed up by an Anon backing the attack,that Ill bet was John again only under Anon.

I know you know from talking to my friend I mentioned ,and know hes in a fight for his life.

John Lynds also knows.

Why would you allow such a post up for even one day?

Allowing people to kick him,or anyone when they are down, is not respectful at all,as a matter of fact its insulting.

Donna D
fo K-12

Anonymous said...

Who remembers these businesses east boston slush, the locker room, santoros, my doughnut, the sound factory, twiggys, , the stationary, libra ltd, starlight bowling alley, arkins clothing,stevens pharmacy,mama catina and glass hat lounge, the original roys cold cuts,and the bakery next door, tinys, kushies shoes, fayva, wordworths,leeche garden, slatons in maverick sq, sunset piZza, caffe palermo, morrellis,joe and nemos hotdogs, erving the ice cream truck, the pizza truck, barrasso pharmacy, mike the barber, mario meat market, the tunnel stop, the racket store, pericolas,andy pandas, mondellos, dellorusso florists deangelis bakery,sablones, the salesians, savio high school, even the cub scouts all that were mentioned are gone.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what 303 is selling for, friend is looking for a space for southern italian resturaunt cook is from italy.he wants a small space 14 tables , did 303 sell yet whats the asking price.

Jim said...

Anonymous at 10:10 p.m.:
That is a pretty impressive list you have there. I remember almost all of them (and used to work for two of them -- Savio High School and the Salesian Boys & Girls Club, which is still with us, relocated to the Savio gym building).

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:25PM:

Does anyone know what 303 is selling for, friend is looking for a space for southern Mexican restaurant cook is from El Salvador.he wants a small space 14 tables , did 303 sell yet whats the asking price.

For me, Southern Italian in EB is about as original as what I wrote above. Why not try something as exotic as Northern Italian or Greek or something Mediterranean?

Anonymous said...

I think all the memories of how Eastie used to be are great. I love reading them. But it seems like some people are forgetting that we usually remember the positive more than the negative. I am sure that for many people Eastie was a wonderful place to grow up 20-40 years ago, but I'll bet for most kids today, they will feel the same way. They'll just remember different places and different things.

Anonymous said...

Rocininte, great comment and nice points anon 11:44 pm and 10:13 am. I agree that we have plenty of both Italian and Latino restaurants.

It does seem that people remember what they want. La Hacienda is terrible, yes, but I am sure there have been Italian restaurants with numerous violations (also overlooked or not follow-up on). And I know enough partying Italians to think that some establishments owned and frequented by Italians have probably been loud and intimidating to neighbors just like La Hacienda.

And I also can understand some wistfulness on behalf of the "way things used to be," but that is the past. One comment on the basement post made me crazy. The woman who sold her house and was now so sad about what had happened to it. She left, it belongs to someone else now, of course it is going to be different. My grandma's house isn't anything like my memories of it (actually the house and neighborhood have become really gentrified and much more upscale). It is not our house anymore. My memories are in my mind, not in some physical place.

Madam Margie said...

I think the anon who posted April 19, 2009 at 12:20 PM hit the nail on the head. Ethnicity aside, Maverick Square is a pretty dirty and unattractive place.

It's my understanding that it's the role of East Boston Main Streets to be pushing attractive signage and clean streets, yet I don't see them doing a whole lot other than endorsing Burger King. Which, really, is a shame, because they could have such a great impact here.

Anonymous said...

I agree Maverick to Central Square is a dirty, dirty place that needs attention ASAP! But, it will stay the same, look noone cares or will force businesses to do anything.

justcallme O said...

Hey everyone,

I strongly agree that all businesses should be FORCED by law to be clean,considerate of neighbors and overall appealing since they are part of the neighborhood we live in. Stating that, I also feel that many poeple aren't really concerned with the areas that we should improve here in E.B, instead they look to blame our flaws on the general population which are hispanics. This is not a race issue, but some cannot ignore their prejudices against other races to come up with a REAL solution. There are many Hispanic owned businesses that simply don't bring anything positive to the neighborhood and should be forced to change but then there are places such as Angelas, which is a very nice addition to E.B and is also hispanic owned. It has become very obvious that some old residents of E.B don't seem to handle change very well, I don't respect people who find the easy way out of things and just blame it on race. It is unfair for a Hispanic like myself to have to walk in a place like Sonny Noto's ( afew years ago which was the last time I visited) and have to here them complain about how "Hispanics only want money", we all want money , period. The funny thing is, people talk about illegal aliens so ignorantly which is another topic of its own, but i will say that i took myself 18 YEARS to become a permanent resident which is why i laugh when most people say " why cant THEY just become citizens" speaking as if its an easy process that happens overnight. I hardly remember what my country looks like, I consider myself an American and would love to see E.B grow to into much better place with great PEOPLE who enjoy living here. Point blank, I am positive any smart person with good logic would do anything to improve the conditions of living for themselves or for their family.

P.S- Please tell me I am not the only person who feels tunnel taxi should definitely have some plans to renovate their lot if they have not already started planning. By simply renovating their pavement, they would be helping the appearance of maverick sq. tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Maverick Square will never be upscale. It is a sewer. After Rapinos cut into the ground along maverick down to the projects, let it float to cuba and castro will upscale it. Do you really think Legal Seafood and grill 23 are moving in? Eastie is gone, pick out a lifejacket, we hit the iceberg. Can;t wait for the check cashing place, sell your gold, free hiv testing, burger king, and tatoo parlor to open up.

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys rag on Maverick sq.?

Anonymous said...

as a police officer for two years i worry about layoffs. Please please put the Burger king
there. Job security.

Anonymous said...

trivia time, does anybody remember the name of the furniture store in Maverick? On the left hand side?
class of E.B.H.S. 69.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the news? We just traded Maverick Square to Chelsea for the Soldiers Home?

Anonymous said...

The furniture store was Secatores:

Now a Maverick News Flash

Maverick is about to get a whole lot worse!!!!!!

You will not see in the E.BTimes.
In todays Boston Herald on page C6.
Gee I wonder why. Whos their atty?(Tequilas)

There is a Legal notice from the City of Bostons Licensing Board fora hearing 5-20-09 at 10 a.m. in room 809a.

Get This: The closed scumiest bar Tequilas has petitioned to move its 7 day ,all alcoholic license in to Tex Mex,and right next to that notice is Tex Mexs Beer,and Wine going to Dorchester.

With 100% full support by Basile ,Petrucelli,and the biggest booster Sal Lammatina.

So all 3 of these political hacks think Burger King is a threat,but not the worst bar Eastie has ever had is a great idea.

Unless youve been living in a cave ,this is the old Kahlua Hawaian . This owner Mr.Luis Vasco has the most violations ever,including,stabbings,serving underage,operating illegal nightclub,guns,and more fights than you have fingers,and toes combined.

If I lived on Maverick id be scared sht for this place will destroy whats left of Maverick.

Now as I said even when Captain Cunningham,and several officers testified about this dump,and a huge fight that took EVERY single police officer in Eastie,and about 25 more from downtown to stop it.

They never got a single day of suspension.

Now to peel off the layers:
The Chamber stood up for them ,Jeff Drago did just as he was running,Sal Lammatina did,and so on.

All the time while a terrorized direct abutter had her life ruined .

She pleaded to the city for help,got none.
Then we got over 800 signatures to have him close 2 hours early,None of the 3 amigos signed the petition to help that area.

So in my opinion in this town:Money,and Connections talk,and the rest of us don't even exist to them.

Maverick Square is as its been for decades ; Adead Zone.

There is no way in hell these other joints will ever invest in that square.
Bring on the bulldozers.