Friday, April 3, 2009

Hearts and minds

It was moving to see the response that Michelle Obama received in London, especially when she visited an all-girls school yesterday and delivered a message of empowerment. The students were beside themselves and the First Lady seemed to choke up a bit while speaking to them. Check it out at this NBC News link.

So what if she broke protocol by touching the queen? (Americans don't grow up knowing the rules for such things. That's why we fought the Revolution.) Michelle Obama is a huge plus for this country, both at home and abroad.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion, how about we let the president and his wife actually accomplish something before we talk about how awesome they are. It's crazy, the straight up propaganda the mainstream media is shoving down the American peoples throat every day!

Jimbo said...

"...accomplish something..." Let's see:

1. Implement programs to save the economy.
2. Plan for the end of occupation of Iraq.
3. Revive America's standing in the world.

Yeah, they've done nothing so far.

N.starluna said...


Do you mean we need more substantive news like:

"Is Obama the Antichrist?" (Newsweek, 1/15/2008)

"Obama the Conservative" (Prospect, UK, January 2008)

"Obama Is No Socialist" (Wall Street Journal, 3/20/2009)

"Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails" (Rush Limbaugh, 1/16/2009)

"Michelle Obama's Arms Inspire At Presidential Address" (The Huffinton Post, 1/24/2009)

I'm right there with you. Because a more nuanced discussion of Michelle Obama's arms and President Obama's use of the teleprompter for 8 minutes of a 60 minute press conference is sure to bring about a resolution to the economic crisis, restore our standing in the world community, and bring our soldier's home.

Anonymous said...

As far as the economy, only time will tell if throwing huge amounts of tax payer money at the problem will have the effects he is hopeing for, so like I said lets wait and see before we give him credit!!As far as Iraq, the withdrawal plans were already in place before he was elected I think we might have a certain surge to thank for that, not Obama.How can you even say he has had any effect on our world standing already, that is crazy and like I said total propaganda.

Jimbo said...

Time will tell, I agree. However, at least we appear to have some intelligent people trying to do some good things as opposed to narrow-minded ideologues starting an unnecessary war; lowering taxes on the rich; deregulating the financial system; gutting FEMA, the FDA, etc; hiring only loyal subjects at the Dept. of Justice; altering science; and dancing a jig on the Constitution. Agreed?

Anonymous said...

I agree the last administration has done an incredible amount of damage to our country in many diffrent ways.But they are no longer in power so let's move on and judge the new administration on their accomplishments and failures and not how we feel they compare to others.It just frustrates me when the mainstream media reports are more like Entertaiment Tonight or Inside Edition then actuall honest unbias journalism!

Jimbo said...

We can agree on all that.