Saturday, August 22, 2009

Around the horn

***About 45 minutes ago the Boston Police reported (via Twitter) that there is a fire at 213 Lexington Street. There appears to be one injury and 15 people are displaced. (Update 8/23: According to -- and a reader who corrected my later error -- the fire started at 346 Saratoga Street and spread to 344.)

***Former Globe critic (and Eastie resident) Thomas Garvey praises the newly renovated Maverick Station -- and wonders how the design actually made it past the usual stumbling blocks.

***There's been a series of reported "head punching" incidents in East Boston, according to Universal Hub. Money and cell phones have been stolen.

***A reporter for the Quincy Patriot Ledger outlines the players on the issue of legalized casino and/or slot machine gambling in Massachusetts. The action will pick up when the legislature sits down in September and something will likely be passed before the holidays. Suffolk Downs and Wonderland will surely figure in all of these machinations. (Update 8/24: The Globe weighs in with a similar story on where we stand now on gambling.)

***I hadn't realized that -- as of July 1 -- all recyclables can be placed in the same container, even though I have yet to receive one of the new 32-gallon barrels. The city has a pamphlet available online that talks about the new guidelines.


Anonymous said...

Do the hubster followers know about this site yet? Looks like it could be great if more people joined...

N.starluna said...

It was Saratoga Street, not Lexington.