Monday, August 10, 2009

Jolting the neighborhood

The Eastie Jolt is here. It's a magazine-style web site for writing and photographs by East Boston residents and/or about the neighborhood. The first edition will contain a pair of essays in which two women reflect on what they find most attractive about East Boston; some poetry and a short story; a feature story on a music label headquartered in Eastie; and photographs of the work of two local artists.

This, I believe, just touches on the surface of the ideas, creativity and talent of the people of our neighborhood. I hope that those who've been writing quietly or taking photographs for years will take advantage of the chance to publish their work for a local audience and that those who haven't done anything creative will be inspired to do so.

Check it out here -- The Eastie Jolt -- and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

It is really great!!!The layout and design,everything.This is going to be enormously popular.Congratulations on an ingenious concept that this community really needed.
Bill Deveau

Eastie Girl said...

Congratulations! Very nice!!

Anonymous said...

Bet the people at "The Times" are thrilled about it.