Monday, June 23, 2008

Eastie notes

*The Donald McKay School is lauded in the Globe for the achievement scores of its Latino students. The 675-student school is located on Cottage Street.

*East Boston Savings Bank is looking for a new president, as Robert Verdonck retired earlier this month. The blurb on reminds us that the bank relocated its headquarters to Peabody in 1999. Those bank executives apparently tired of mixing it up with the riff-raff of the neighborhood that graces the company's name.

*Ecco, on the site of the former Sablone's Veal n' Vintage, is scheduled to open in July. Meanwhile, Jessica Sablone-Maffeo and her husband chef have opened an eatery in Marblehead called Trattoria Sablone's.

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Anonymous said...

Word thru the grapevine recently suggested that someone(???) was at it again and if true,apparently a lesson was never learned.
Anyone need a ticket squashed?