Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy days?

It appears that Hillary Clinton is going to get behind Barack Obama during an event on Saturday. Hopefully, Democrats around the country will unite behind their nominee, as the most important task has always been to unseat the party that has, for eight years, brought us down a road of ruin.

If there are Democrats who, out of spite, refuse to vote for Obama -- despite his policy positions being quite similar to Ckinton's -- then their willingness to cast aside the fate of the nation for a little misguided revenge is rather sad -- and careless. If there are number enough to cost Obama this extremely important election, then I will find myself a new party.

However, I don't believe that will happen. In fact, I foresee a solid victory in November. Eight years of Republican incompetence and tyranny have destroyed whatever faith people had in the GOP. Obama will be elected and Democrats will increase majorities in both houses of Congress. Happy days will be here again.

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Bill D said...

I believe the democrats will gain seats in the house and senate this fall--but Obama is a sure loser--it has nothing to do with racism,rather a complete lack of expereince during a crucial time in our nations history--another tax and spend liberal,vague on ideas,he reminds me of Deval---I'm not thrilled with McCain,but cant see him losing--after 8 years of Bush, Obama is about the only guy we could nominate who would lose, and will--I predict McCain will even carry Mass.