Monday, June 2, 2008

Park work

A standoff over who is responsible for what has slowed the finish of East Boston's Memorial Park -- what we grew up calling "The Stadium" -- according to today's Globe. Contractor Barletta Engineering has been slow to finish its work, but apparently some of the company's employees have been cutting grass and doing some other jobs there in recent days.

While on the subject of Eastie's parks, a reader emailed to ask about the work being done on the wading pool at the Bremen Street Park. She heard jackhammers and noted that, for a while last week, fencing was put up around the perimeter. Why was the work on the pool taking so long? Was the original construction, she wondered, flawed in some way? Does anyone know the story?


Matthew said...

A police officer monitoring the construction told me that there was a flaw in the original design. He said that the original floor of the fountain was cracking and water would pool in some locations. He also mentioned that a lifeguard is required by law if there is more than 6 inches of standing water, so they are restructuring the floor to have a grade to help drain the water. He said it would be done by July. I'm not sure if that means it is changing from a wading pool to just a fountain or what. I'm interested to hear if anyone has more info. I can't wait to cool off there this summer.

Jimbo said...

Thanks to Matthew for that information. If the design flaw was the work of a contractor I hope that tax dollars are not paying for the repairs.

deswotans said...

Worse than the cosmetic issues, the walkways are below grade / below the level of the nearest drains in several areas. This casuses water to pool in large areas accross the paths. These pools remain frozen for days at a time even when they plow, sand and salt the walkway to the T. On several occasions last winter, we had to call the City Council in order to get the plows to show up - well after the morning commute.

TheEastBostonian said...


As far as juristicion goes,we had this problem for the 5 years when we were having meetings to design the park,as well as its up keep,and keeping users safe.

There are numerous authorities responsible,depending on where you are sstanding.*At some spots you caan have one foot in one,and the other foot in another.

1-Boston Police(city property)
2-MBTA Police(mbta property)
3-Stae Police(state property)
4-Municipal Park Police(City/State property)
5-Mass Highway(via duct areas)

Jim Rogers of Barletta construction is the guy to contact.

Its not surprising that no one entity will take full responsibility.

ALL anyone has to do is go back to the Sexual Assaults,and the FAILED PROMISE by EVERYONE including ALL of our politicians to 1- attend the 5 yeras of meetings to design the Bremen Park,and 2- to fight for the "closed circuit cameras that were in the original budget.

We tried for 5 yeras to have all of the above enter into a contract to help each other,it never happened.

After the Show,and Tell meeting about the Sexual assaults,We gave EVERYONE letters proving ,and dating back to 2003 warning about all of the problems the park has,and predicted the crrime,due to lack of help from those who could of,and should of forced the Big Dig,and the other agencies to protect the public.

The T only cared about its property,and YES evey inch of Airpot T stop is video taped 24 / 7

As usual we the people get screwed.
Joe M.

Joe M.

Anonymous said...

I assume this park belongs to the state, so in a case like this I would suggest people call Ed Deveau. He works for Senator Petrucelli as a legislative aid.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Joe when are you going to give it and us a break. First of all video cameras in the park are not the solution but an excuse and a substitute for real security. Massport has the right idea it would seem - the presence of massport police are far more effective than putting cameras in the park. I know when my kids are using the park or I walk through to take the train I am happy to see a live police officer - as opposed to seeing a camera and hoping someone is watching. Cameras would not have stopped the sexual assaults - police presence will create a safe environment. Second, stop pretending you were the equivalent of the project manager for the Bremen Street Park. If you were so instrumental, why have I never heard anything about it other than what you tell us. We get it, you attended community meetings that the turnpike and MHD held as part of the community process - I attended those meetings as well - nobody was designated as the "official voice" for the community on this park. Besides, all I remember from those meetings was you complaining and talking about "foyer" requests (whatever those are). Now that its built you want to take all the credit for it - nice try - we know that without Sal Lamatina, Travalini and especially Gus Serra, this park would have never happened.