Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Turf battle amongst police

WBZ-TV has a special report on a story that I'd read somewhere once before -- that Boston Police have no jurisdiction in areas of the city that are owned by Massport. Instead, the State Police control those sections of Boston, which include Logan Airport and Piers Park in East Boston, 285 acres in South Boston and another 90 in Charlestown.

The story speculates that the regulations were instituted so that the State Police would benefit from lucrative detail work, but -- as South Boston state rep. Brian Wallace says in the story -- "This should be about public safety, not about dollars."

Apparently no one from either police agency or Massport would go on camera for the story, but reporter Joe Shortsleeve does say that the agencies are trying to work out a deal that returns police power in those areas to local law enforcement.

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deswotans said...

One place they seem to have equal jurisdiction is breakfast at Embassy Suites - some mornings there are as many State cruisers parked on Porter St. and in the Park as their are Boston Police cars...