Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eastie wrap-up

*In a story in today's Globe on the local real estate market, Tony Giacalone, owner of Tony's Realty, says that demand in East Boston is "very, very strong" for certain types of housing in the neighborhood, and he notes that 40 condos have sold in Eastie in the past two months.

*In light of John McCain's attempts to brand himself as a maverick, a columnist for the Houston Chronicle delves back to a Texan named Sam Maverick and then to a likely forefather: Samuel Maverick, one of the first residents of what is now East Boston.

*The local resident who killed a cat, set it afire and tried to toss it through a window last summer was sentenced to 30 months in jail, of which he has served more than a year already.

*Fast food apparently makes people crazy. In recent days there have been violent incidents at both McDonald's and Burger King in Eastie. (Scroll down the page for each.) Also, four people were stabbed on Trenton Street toward the end of last month, and I've heard about a number of apartment break-ins.

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