Thursday, September 25, 2008

Facts again take back seat

The East Boston Times is dead wrong when it says, in a front page story in the Sept. 24 issue, that the Salesian religious order "evicted Savio Prep High School from its property on Byron Street two years ago." In fact, Savio's board of directors voted to close the school. I know because I was there.

The school actually had another year on its lease with the order, but decided to pull the plug at the end of the 2006-07 school year. The Salesian Society did make clear that they would not be renewing the lease with Savio after June of 2008 -- for reasons that do make sense -- and at least one priest was not very civil to the school down the stretch, but there was no eviction.

The whole sordid story of the demise of Savio is something I've avoided wading too deeply into here, as it's a complex web of mismanagement at several levels -- possibly including the misappropriation of funds. Suffice to say that when I returned to the Savio faculty in the fall of 2006 the school was on life support and more than one person said to me that the place should have been shut down the previous June.

Having worked for both the Salesian (note to Times: there is no "s" at the end) Boys and Girls Club, as well as Savio -- and after having passed through both institutions as a youngster and teenager -- I am not predisposed to take the side of one or the other, and recognizing Fr. John Nazzaro with a story is commendable. He is a good guy who I've known for years.

However, on an issue as emotional and recent as the closing of Savio, I'm not sure how a key fact was bungled so badly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jimbo

I just sent you an e-mail with the Savio Press release you posted before.

Folks no matter what ,Jimbo is correct. The Savio Board voted to close a year before the end of the lease.

It is also my understanding there is an open Bankruptcy case on going in court.

That school should still be open,and if not for the connected few who took that school to the cleaners,
it still would be.

Hey former Savio board members !Wheres the books?,and why did you send an attack attorney against the L.U.C.,when we tried to see where over 65,000 vanished from our funds?

Screw the na sayers,speak your mind,and let people know things like most teachers got cork screwed on salary as they were closing.

Now Please dont be made,got to post as anon,for whatever reason my google pass word is not letting me sign in.
Joe Mason
East Boston Land Use Council

Jimbo said...

Joe Mason is correct that there was a bankruptcy case, but I haven't heard anything about it and for all I know it may be closed by now.

He is also correct that the entire faculty never received their last few paychecks, which in my case totals about $5,000.