Sunday, October 19, 2008

New bridge on tap

State and city officials are about to sign a deal for the construction of a new bridge that links Chelsea Street and the city of Chelsea. The project, long talked about, is scheduled to take about three years, which would seem to mean that the current Chelsea Street Bridge would be closed during that period.

Currently the large oil tankers that move up and down the Chelsea Creek can barely fit through the span between East Boston and Chelsea. The new bridge will be more than twice as wide.


Leigh Hall said...

I saw a presentation about the new bridge a year or so ago. The plan is to keep the current bridge operating while they build the supporting towers, to minimize the amount of time the road is closed to auto traffic. The moveable section would be built separately, floated into position, and everything will be put together in a few months. At least, that's the idea. One never knows for sure with Boston construction projects.

Jimbo said...

Thanks for the update. I saw a program on local cable that mentioned that the new bridge would be built soon, but I think the show was taped a couple years ago.

acf said...

There is work being done at the Chelsea Street Bridge. One the Chelsea side, there is grading and leveling, traffic cones are placed along both sides of the bridge, and on the East Boston side, there seems to be work being done including the storing of steel tubing for pile driving. Is this preliminary work toward the bridge replacement. Details?