Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wilkerson and her enablers

The Globe fills in some of the pieces on the arrest of state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson. She's been clearly out of control for so long it's a wonder that anyone in state or city government was willing to work with her, but apparently she pulled quite a few strings.

UPDATE: The probe widens. Thursday's Globe reports that "federal authorities blanketed the State House and City Hall with subpoenas yesterday."


Anonymous said...

it would be very interesting if she is squeezed by the feds to make a deal--how many other office holders could she spill the beans on?
she is looking at the possibility of doing 40 years in a federal prison, that could turn her into a canary.

Hank said...

Yes! Who knew what and when? Once we get over the prerequisite (and largely phony) shock and outrage about this hack and her personal story of corruption, lets examine the entire process.

What became of the other 39 liquor licenses?

Anonymous said...

desperate times desperate measures who knows there could be more pols out there taking bribes ,if some new bar owner for example in east Boston needs a liquor liscence what's the by the book process in obtaining one, favors to pols right , it's all dirty politics, can't trust none of them