Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shameful GOP tactics

One part of current presidential elections that is disturbing is the degree to which the Republican Party attempts to disenfranchise voters they believe will choose their opponents. It's probably one of the most overlooked stories of national elections in 2000 and 2004: the GOP using misinformation and lawyers to get tens of thousands of votes thrown out.

And they are at it again. I've heard and read a number of stories about dirty tricks against traditionally Democratic groups. Here are two, for example: first in Virginia, where the GOP is trying to convince college students, incorrectly, that they would forfeit scholarships or lose the ability to be claimed by their parents on tax returns if they register to vote; then in Florida, where a confusing mailing went out to registered Democrats, apparently to convince them that their voter registrations are messed up.

What could be less democratic -- with a small d -- than confusing or scaring people into not voting? It is, however, part of the Republican playbook. They will do whatever it takes to win.


John R. said...

Someone with your journalistic and intellectual integrity would have to admit that this is clearly a bi-partisan endeavor: Acorn, Milwaukee, 2004 and Orlando, 2004. Google "Mark Herron Military Ballots" to learn how Democrats targeted the absentee votes of our overseas service members.

Jimbo said...

Both parties have been guilty of such tactics, but the Republicans have done so to a greater and more insidious degree.

So, John, what are your expectations for tonight's VP debate?

John R. said...

Of course they have... because they do everything better... ;-)
Re: the veep debate.
"My prediction? Pain...", Clubber Lang, Rocky III.
Despiter her recent interview performances (perhaps because of them), I believe Gov. Palin will acquit herself well this evening. Let's face it Sen. Biden should have a better grasp of the issues than she. So as the pundits are wont to say, if she commits no major gaffes she will have won.

Jimbo said...

Unfortunately, as you say, the bar is quite low for Palin. Still, I think that she is so unqualified AND wacky that we may witness a train wreck.

Everything? Not govern. But they are clearly masters of the Dark Arts.

Eastie Girl said...

John R.
You crack me up! Although I'm not hearing the staunch support that I've heard from some other local oddballs, I do know how much work it takes to get you to dole out much credit to the fairer sex. To see you, and those close to you endorse this whackjob from up north, well - I have to say I'm astonished. You are the first one to cry that liberals are like sheep. But look at all of these chauvinistic Republicans blindly supporting the 'GOP vice presidential candidate'. Talk about towing the party line!! Gee, I bet Senator McCain could have selected Bozo the Clown and you guys would have lined up.

The selection of Governor Palin as a running mate was a misguided attempt by Senator McCain to capture the votes of the Hillary independents.

I'm one of the first people to say that Senator Obama leaves much to be desired in the way of experience. That being said, we all know that the president does not run this country alone. He relies heavily on his executive staff and cabinet for support. Therefore, if the selection of Governor Palin is any indication of what we can expect of the McCain Cabinet and administration members, I'm a little more than concerned. I'd take one Biden over a whole cabinet of Palins any day.

Anonymous said...

I THINK THAT YOU'RE ALL A BIT TOO SELF IMPORTANT!!! Get off the damn blog and do some REAL research and formulate YOUR OWN opinions instead of being spoon fed from your political moronic cronies !!! Every vote counts, I PRAY TO GOD, THAT'S RIGHT, GOD.. that you vote correctly!!!

Eastie Girl said...

Please retract my earlier post or at minimum, the segment where I state how much of a challenge it is to get him to dole out credit to the fairer sex.
He is a fine man that I am proud to know, and it seems he took my dig a bit more personally than intended.