Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking back at the Senate primary vote

Less than 20% of those registered to vote in East Boston turned out for the special US Senate primary on Dec. 8. According to the information online at, fewer than 3,000 of the neighborhood's nearly 15,000 registered voters bothered to go to the polls. My precinct, number 12, had the highest turnout in Eastie: just under 27%. That's almost double Precinct 7's turnout.

Rep. Mike Capuano -- who received a statewide total of 28% of the vote to winner Martha Coakley's 47% -- tallied 49% in Eastie, while Coakley got 30% of the neighborhood's vote. Alan Khazei and Steve Pagliuca brought up the rear.

In case you missed it, has a wonderful graphic that breaks down the vote by cities and towns. Capuano won Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, Chelsea -- communities he's represented as a Congressman or mayor of Somerville -- as well as a handful of towns in the western part of the state. Khazei, interestingly, won one town: Alford, which borders New York State.

Coakley meets Republican candidate Scott Brown and (as I was quickly and appropriately reminded) independent candidate Joseph L. Kennedy on Jan. 19.

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dylan said...

Coakley meets Republican candidate Scott Brown on Jan. 19.

... and Libertarian candidate Joseph L. Kennedy!