Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Take it down

Tell them to take down the giant American flag that hangs in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Bankers and other corporate executives have shown in the last couple of years that they care nothing about the United States and its people. Their only motivation is the bottom line.

The president met with CEOs of some of the nation's biggest financial institutions yesterday and they all played nice; in the meantime, they are lobbying Congress to weaken proposed reforms that would increase regulation of the industry to prevent meltdowns of the entire economy, such as the recent "Great Recession," which required massive amounts of tax dollars to avoid a total collapse and an actual depression.

Obama asked the "fatcats" to lend more to small businesses and the bankers made some half-hearted rumblings. They only get spurred into action when there is a pot of gold awaiting them at the other end. Then the bankers are willing to take wild risks that jeopardize the entire economy. When the flimsiness of their complex financial machinations was revealed all of us had to chip in to buoy the banks up. The system is, as many described it, socialism for big banks and big corporations.

Do us a favor guys. Take the Stars and Stripes down and put up something that really represents who you are wand what you do. Maybe the pirates' skull and crossbones?

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