Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today's vote

There's a good field of Democrats in today's special election for US Senate. They seem, for the most part, to be where I am on the issues, and the lack of broad differences has made for a fairly lackluster campaign. I am going to vote for Mike Capuano because I like his record in Congress and I think he's generally a straightforward guy.

Martha Coakley has led in all the polls I've seen, although her margin has probably shrunk since the summer. She's likely make a good senator as well, though until recently I thought her next big race would be for governor, and I can see her in that role. Alan Khazei would certainly make an interesting senator, and I was surprised by the Globe's endorsement of the City Year founder. Steve Pagliuca seems like a good guy, and it's true that wealthy elected officials are less likely to be susceptible to the effects of money on their votes.

As a Congressman, Capuano voted against both the invasion of Iraq and the Patriot Act, and those votes are key from my perspective. He stood up and did what was right in a time when many rushed to judgment out of fear and political considerations. I'm not sure what the others would have done -- and a previous statement indicates that Coakley would have supported the Patriot Act -- but I know what Capuano did. That's the kind of guts and brains I want in my senator.


N.starluna said...

I have to go vote in half an hour and I have only narrowed it to Coakley and Khazei.

I decided against Pagliuca after the accusing Coakley of being the "Sarah Palin of the Democratic Party." Not only is this false, but it is a desperate and stupid statement. Very unsenatorial.

Capuano is a reliable liberal but his constituent services staff are terrible. When you call his office, his people never call you back unless you are from Somerville or with the press. I got better assistance from Barney Frank's office and I'm not even his constituent. The constituent services that senators do can be more complicated than what the Reps do, and he doesn't seem to hire the staff to do it well.

Eric said...

I'm leaning towards Khazei. I too was surprised by the Globe's endorsement, and found it quite illuminating. It's impossible to replace Kennedy, so I'm trying not to think like that.

dylan said...

Jim --

Yes, I think I would have been pleased had Capuano pulled off the upset. Even though I have precious little ideological affinity with his views (I'll give him points for his anti-war vote), I think it would have been nice if the Democrats had nominated someone, oh, non-robotic. Capuano certainly fits the bill!

Familial duty came before civic duty today, and I didn't vote. Fortunately, my candidate won his primary, and it wasn't exactly a squeaker! (Of course, I ponder January with dread.)

John said...

N.Starluna, Pagliuca accused Capuano of being the Sarah Palin of the Democratic Party, not Coakley...though, I guess it doesn't matter much now.

Go Scott Brown!

Jim said...

In a short campaign, Coakley's name recognition was a big help, and Capuano seemed to run a rather uninspired campaign. Being the only woman in a field of four also helped Coakley. Pagliuca and Khazei put themselves on the map. I wonder if either is considering the governorship?

N.starluna said...

John - you are correct. I mis-typed. I must have had Coakely on the mind when I was typing that out. Regardless, it was a stupid statement.