Friday, July 30, 2010

Chronicling Eastie

Check out segments of the Channel 5 show Chronicle that featured East Boston, which originally aired last week:

Segment #1: hidden gem, diversity, views
Segment #2: real estate, culture
Segment #3: sailing, outdoor art, food
Segment #4: greenway, teen view


Jenafah said...

These were great. Thanks for sharing with us!

Kazak said...

Great to see the local Arts scene promoted. With the understanding that it's a Chronicle piece (sort of an extended infomercial for realtors and restaurants), it's too bad they didn't look a little further afield. It's like the camera crew got out at the Maverick T stop and filmed everything they could easily reach from there within two hours.

One other quibble, the Bremen St. Park was not a gift from Massport! Built with Big Dig funds as mitigation for the Third Harbor Tunnel coming into the neighborhood, the state legislature voted to give it TO Massport so they would assume responsibility for maintenance. And Massport is definitely no fan of the Greenway -- or they would be if they could somehow push it over to Bennington Street and away from the land that they want to turn into the ass-end of Logan.

But other than that it's good to see positive things about the n'hood on tv.

acf said...

It's nice to see a positive piece on East Boston, but understand, East Boston is not just the area with water views of the harbor. Chronicle has given a glossy, National Geographic view of the neighborhood. Don't forget about the other end of Cottage St, across from the hotel, a few doors down from the 170 Porter condos, the houses in the flats of Eagle Hill, or those tenements along Chelsea St. There's more to this community than property affordable to outsiders priced out of the other desirable neighborhoods.