Monday, July 26, 2010


More negotiations, but no agreement on a casino bill. The three principals -- Gov. Patrick, House Speaker DeLeo, Senate Pres. Murray -- have made statements regarding their desire to reach a compromise, but each has also said that the legislative session may end Saturday without one.

Just throwing this out there: Could any (all?) of the three have their own reservations about bringing expanded gambling to the state and so will ensure that no law gets signed while appearing to certain constituent groups -- union voters, developer donors -- to be on their side?


Matthew said...


Sorry for the delay in responding. I think your idea of drafting a letter to our elected officials in order to oppose gambling in Massachusetts and, specifically, at Suffolk Downs is a great idea. I have included a sample of such a letter, along with the appropriate email addresses for the elected officials, so that likeminded readers can simply cut, paste, and email this message to their representatives. Of course, feel free to edit or add your own thoughts and comments.

Thank you to all Hubster readers who make an effort to get involved in this important issue!


Dear [insert name],

I am disappointed by your support of expanded gambling in Massachusetts, and more specifically, at Suffolk Downs. The Legislature has not yet completed an independent cost benefit analysis of gambling in Massachusetts and has instead elected to rely upon biased and flawed research compiled by the gambling industry. As a result, you and the other members of the Legislature have not fulfilled your duty to make informed and well-reasoned decisions on behalf of your constituents. For this, and the backroom, secret negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the casino bill, I am very dissatisfied with your leadership and representation.

I suggest that you examine the information available at and and rethink your position on this important issue. As you know, the neighborhood of East Boston is already dealing with elevated levels of pollution due to the airport and traffic, drug abuse and addiction, a troubling increase in crime, and property foreclosures; do you not realize that brining gambling into the neighborhood will only make these matters worse?

Please conduct some research on the issue and I’m confident that you’ll rethink your position on gambling.

Looking for your support,

[insert name]

Jim said...

Excellent. I think everyone who has concerns on this issue should get in touch with their elected officials ASAP.