Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coming soon to a racetrack near you

Suffolk Downs today released a preview of its plans for a resort-style casino on the East Boston/Revere line. Note that elderly folks with oxygen tanks and children left in cars are missing from the attractive drawing.

Image from David M. Schwarz Architects via Boston.com.


Kazak said...

Given that it's the business section I guess I shouldn't expect an even-handed coverage of the story. It would be nice if it wasn't just a straight-out Press Release from Suffolk Downs complete with hard-hitting video interview!

The comments were interesting. I didn't expect the usual gang of troglodytes that comment on boston.com to have a sizable anti-casino contingent.

When asked about transportation concerns Chip Tuttle says that there will be a community input process. Does that mean WE have to reroute 1A and solve Bell Circle?

John Q. Public said...

Love the comment Jimbo about the Elderly and kids left in cars. I suppose you think that this is what happens at Suffolk Downs now. I mean, there is (gulp) betting going on in there. I am curious as to what you think will be so different? I am guessing that for years there have been many people who enjoy going to Suffolk Downs including elderly with oxygen tanks and people who have children - not so sure that they leave them in their cars however. But if that is a concern, perhaps we should be equally vocal against shoping centers, hair salons, bars, grocery stores and other places where such poor judgment by people might occur.

David Moisan said...

You forgot the dozens and dozens of elder vans from communities all over the North Shore, disgorging their passengers twice a day.

While you watch that scene, you see a paper fly out of one of the vans: It's the local senior newsletter. You just happen to see its schedule page.

Once, there were all different activities for seniors. But, due to budget cuts--and a grant from Suffolk Downs, there is just one activity for the week: Monday-Friday: Suffolk Downs. Buses leave the center at 10AM and return at 3 PM. Complimentary lunch and bingo vouchers.

Kate Hutchinson said...

I'm curious to see how the parking lots will be redone. I shop at Target by bicycle and use the little "street" at the back of the last lot as a cut through to Bennington St. to get home. I bet the casino folks won't like that.