Monday, November 17, 2008

Dumb as a ... Post-Gazette

The insipid, homely, narrow-minded weekly fishwrap known as the Post-Gazette claims to be "The Italian-American Voice of Massachusetts," yet a number of recent issues have had front pages dominated with anti-Obama screeds written by a Lebanese-American syndicated columnist who lives near Washington, DC.

My first beef is that the columns by Paul Ibrahim are full of fabricated issues, misrepresentations and out-and-out lies. His piece titled "Fifty Reasons to Vote Against Obama" -- available here at his syndicator's web site -- takes the same few topics and pummels the reader with senseless drivel. Ignorant loudmouth Rush Limbaugh has said good things about Ibrahim, which affirms that he's a moron.

The second problem is that this front-page space should be given over to articles about Italian-Americans in Massachusetts. Isn't that the publication's mission? Are there no stories to be told about the lives, accomplishments and culture of those who share my ethnic background that the Post-Gazette can give us? The current manifestation of the paper is a joke -- a bunch of cranks grumbling about the same stuff each week.

If they insist on publishing right-wing rants, the Post-Gazette should at least toss it on the inside and label it as commentary. And do us another favor: try varying the layout a little bit. I've seen junior-high newspapers that look more interesting. The front page is a travesty. Give us an Italian-American voice that we can be proud of.


observer said...


Post Gazzette for Fish wrap? Please! that would be an insult to the fish.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you have a real problem with the the thought that differs from yours.While I may not agree with Post Gazzette, it is even more disturbing the reaction of well-educated people like yourself.You have to accept that the opposition must exist eventhough sometimes it might go to far.

ch said...

'nuff said!



observer said...


I dont think you have any problem with thoughts that differ from yours. While I may not agree with everything you say, I usually find your commentary rational, articulate, and well reasoned - and of course done with the use of proper syntax, spelling and grammar. Sadly, the same can not be said of the Post Gazette - I can't believe they get away with even charging people for that (gulp) "newspaper". As an Italo-American, I am basically insulted and embarassed that the PG tries to pass itself off as the voice of MY culture and heritage. We are better than that...much better.

Anonymous said...

Post Gazzette--voice of Italians?
Italian Unita--perserving the Italian heritage in Eastie?
Both are now run out of the same office and both do little for Italians--not to mention there's hardly the Italian population there once was. This is not the Eastie of the 1960s so the 4 people in the neighborhood running these 2 things should give it up.

acf said...

Gee, to think that I thought I was the only one to think this way. Glad to hear there's more like me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimbo, just for the record.........I'm an italian who speaks, reads and writes it and trust when I say that the Post Gazzette does not stand for or represent the italian people.
My opinion is that the people who run that phony paper(and we know who) have always pushed there own agenda with other organizations. They have also tried to capitalize on other events calling it an Italian heritage estravaganza.
They are a joke and its fitting that they have not one but two phony organizations.
What does Obaba have to do with being italian? They just bash without any evidence of any sort.
Stay well Jimbo and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the other "RAG" claiming to be an East Boston Paper owns the Post Gazzette.

AKA "The alledged voice of the street"paper that has hardly anything about Eastie in it,esp. the Business community ads.

I would say about 75% are for out side of Eastie businesses.

P.S.Did anyone see what is now occupying the old East Boston Times building?

A Medical facility calling itself THE EAST BOSTON HEALTH CENTER.

It opened without a single permit.

Now caught they are turning to cashing in favors to get Legal.

No License,No Permits,yet Medical waste,Radiology waste etc.

The Wild West attitude is alive in Eastie.

Lets see what the politicians do about this.

Fed Up In Eastie

Anonymous said...

Jimbo, clearly we know who the last post was written from no other but the president of L.U.C. Talk about jokes!
Now to the point; take this blog which is a great one if I may, it allows you to post but only if you are making sense(most of the times) but clearly Jimbo gets it unlike the Post Gazzeete that talks about Obame when he isn't the headline of something.
Stay the course Jimbo!

Anonymous said...

Jeez...I thought we heard the last of Mason ever since the LUC disbanded. I guess not...myabe he has abondoned his latest hobby of harassing tenants in the building next door to mine back to blogging.

As for this blog...I am glad someone like Jimbo takes the time to make this available. Bravo! And I really would like to work on getting those Hubster T-Shirts will be a subtle show of support for Jimbo.

Keep up the good work.