Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eight weeks to go

Salon.com writes about the virtual absence of President Bush from the national scene since...well, it seems like months now. Barack Obama is, to some degree, filling the void of leadership that's been left.

The president-elect introduced another member of his economic team today and has another press conference scheduled for tomorrow. Salon's Mike Madden writes that, "For 30 minutes every day, [Obama is] the virtual president."

Bush's approval rating is so low that it's better for the country that he stays out of sight. Whenever he's popped out from his hole to reassure us about the financial crisis the market tanked. (And has anyone seen Cheney? Is he even alive any more?)

It almost seems like Bush & Co. have realized that the clock struck midnight long ago on their fantasies of a new world order, deregulation, tax cuts, etc. The whole lot turned to rotted pumpkins, and even they want to get away from the stink.

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