Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making my case, part 2: issues

Two days ago I made my second donation to the campaign of Barack Obama. Both of my contributions have been small, but I do feel that it is my duty to step up with whatever resources I have to try to save my country. This election is that important.

This post represents the resource that I have more of than money, and so I am putting words to use to describe why I see Obama’s candidacy as the clear choice. He is, on the issues, the logical selection.

*An American commander-in-chief should never send our military into a battle as carelessly as was done in Iraq. The cost –- in lives, injuries, atrocities, resources and money –- is far too great. John McCain has supported this illegal invasion and occupation from the start. Obama opposed it and, though it won’t be quick or easy, he will get US troops out.

*Unfettered capitalism, as we’ve seen recently, is a threat to the stability of our nation. McCain has supported less regulation his entire career. Obama will strengthen regulation where it is needed.

*Millions of Americans have gone without health insurance for far too long. Most industrialized nations have universal systems that are far less expensive than ours, with citizens who are pleased with the way those systems work. Obama will give us the best chance of having a healthcare system that works better.

* The wealthiest Americans didn’t need a tax break, but they got one under George W. Bush and how well has that played out? It’s time to repeal those cuts, as Obama proposes. McCain wants to extend them. His talk of socialism is ridiculous. The top tax bracket was 94% during World War II and the Depression, and it was 70% into the 1980s. Now it’s 35%. Wealthy people benefit tremendously from a stable social order, a public education system that works and solid infrastructure. They need to kick in more to make sure America has those things.

*The US needs to lead the green revolution, which will create jobs and help the planet. Obama will be far ahead of McCain on this issue.

*America needs to rebuild ties with allies and to try new strategies with enemies. Obama will bring different ideas and fresh leadership to world affairs.

On these and many other issues, Barack Obama brings vigor, brains and optimism. With America in need of leadership, John McCain rehashes allegations that are tired, silly and an insult to the intelligence of the electorate. I believe that voting for Obama will make America stronger.

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