Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Heavy toll' on Eastie

The Globe's Noah Bierman writes in today's paper about the impact that increased tunnel tolls could have on East Boston's businesses and residents. He touches on the taxi issue: as it is now, cab drivers don't want to take you back to this neighborhood, and when they do they attempt to illegally tack on the toll to your fare. This, of course, will get much worse.


Tara said...

There is a website that people can sign an online position to voice their opposition to the toll hike:

This site provides info on upcoming toll hike votes and on info to contact your representatives.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Globe gave the story front-page attention. Until now, the press coverage (television and radio) has ignored the impact of the tolls on Eastie.

Anonymous said...

$7.00 please/ I think eastie residents should not pay a dime, do southie residents pay anything to drive from southie to the financial district, or how about Charlestown residents do they pay anything when they cross the bridge over to causeway street, east Boston residents should pay zero $'s. Eastie residents are being exploited even if they pay 40 cents.