Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good eats by the harbor

I have got to get down to Scup's in the Harbor one of these days. The East Boston eatery has been mentioned in the Globe before, and today there is a brief "Cheap Eats" piece in which everything sounds delicious -- with a photo that seems to affirm that.

Located in the marina off of Marginal Street and only open for breakfast and lunch, the menu is inexpensive and the Globe's Ann Luisa Cortissoz concludes that eating there is "less like a restaurant than like a meal at a friend's."

Cortissoz also notes that Scup's has applied for a beer and wine license, with plans for a beer garden out back. Wow.

Update: I ate lunch here on Saturday -- a delicious ham sandwich. Sitting at the long communal table I recognized two young women who I'd known as kids when I worked at the Boys & Girls Club. We chatted for a bit, and I was happy to see that they are both doing well.

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Yvette said...

Thanks for this tip! I walk down by Piers Park often, and never really thought to eat there. Way cool.

Also, wanted to pass along a tip about "Boston Organics" which delivers fresh produce to Eastie now. (I tried to sign up last year, but they didn't cover our area yet.) This is a terrific small business that is growing and growing, and they right across the harbor in Charlestown.

Check 'em out:


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