Saturday, January 17, 2009

Listening and inspiring

On NPR today I heard a story that included interviews of officials from veterans' groups. One guy said that, in eight years, the Bush Administration had never reached out or contacted them about issues concerning veterans. He was then asked his opinion of the incoming president.

"People from Obama's transition have already contacted us," he said. "They wanted to know who we'd like to see in the top 35 positions in the Veterans Administration. We couldn't believe it."

Barack Obama has much to do and the issues and problems he and our country face are daunting, but the soon-to-be president is certainly inspiring many and even winning over some. He has, so far, lived up to his talk of a post-partisan administration. Of course, he hasn't spent a single second as chief executive yet; let's hope he continues to be the person that those of us who voted for him believe him to be.

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N.starluna said...

I do think there is a danger in having too many expectations. Obama was the better choice, but he is not the liberal that the far left wants (or the far right fears).

At the same time, it is kind of sad that the outgoing Administration has so lowered our expectations of a president that just not making anything worse would be in improvement.