Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's official

Michael Flaherty, an at-large city councilor who lives in South Boston, has officially announced his intention to run for mayor, putting himself on a collision course with the Tom Menino juggernaut.

Though his candidacy has been seen as likely for months, the official word slipped out on an internet video apparently before the Flaherty camp intended, but the video is up now and in it the five-term councilor says clearly, "Today I am announcing my candidacy to become the next mayor of Boston."

Flaherty, who served as City Council president for five years, has more than a half-million dollars in his war chest, and he is likely to be the toughest challenger that Menino, who has a million dollars plus on hand, has seen in his record 16 years as mayor.

There has been speculation that Sam Yoon, another at-large councilor, will run for the mayor's seat as well, but so far he has not committed.


Mary said...

This is as good as it gets. I can't wait to see how much Michael manages to raise and I hope it's a great deal of money. The back and forth of fundraising will keep Menino's camp on guard throughout the campaign.

I also can't wait for the debates. That is, if Menino is man enough to agree to a debate forum and not prepackaged sound bites. When can we being signing Michael's nomination papers?

Good luck, Michael. You'll need it in this town, where our "town" newspaper is hardly independent and wholly a subsidiary of Menino's administration.

Curious minds want to know what Josh Resnek possibly can have left to write about his boy Tom. Once upon a time the East Boston Times-Free Press was gone from the shelves by noon on day one. Now, you can find several left at White Hen, the library, most any location the next day. It's time for this newspaper cartel to rename itself the Menino Times, since that is what it has become. So much for journalistic objectivity. See you at Rino's, Tom et al.

Anonymous said...

the district council fight with Deveau and Lamattina will be red hot, and there is another EB resident running for the council at large--plus with Flaherty in the Mayors race,looks like a big turnout in EB this year.

Anonymous said...

Flaherty hopes to return the mayorship to its rightful owners, the Irish of South Boston after 16 years of an Italian interloper. I hope his campaign is handled better than his announcement. "I'm running, I'm not, It's an announcement, It's not" Not very smooth.

Anonymous said...

Mumbles Menino's popularity is slipping through the cracks especially in these economic times,he did not support obama, flaherty did, its time for change, eastie for flaherty.

bostsense said...

the emperor has really never had any clothes-but if enuf leecches say he does-then he might

Eric Carson said...

Jim Correale is a tribute to the written the word. Keep up the good work. I worked for Jim back in the day as a sports writer and know him to be one of the finest reporters, journalist out there. Follow along: Go Eastie!

Eric Carson

Anonymous said...

Michael Flaherty and his crew made up of Pat Capogreco haven't done anything for this community and everyone knows it. The Mayor has worked tirelessly for us: parks, roads, Maverick Landing, schools, and police. What has Italia unita or Flaherty done (well Italia Unita and friends have lined their own pockets of East Boston) enough is enough its criminal.

Anonymous said...

The Irish you mean like the criminals of the past: Bulger, Charlie Flaherty? The Mayor is clean and that is what we need. Italians Rule.

Anonymous said...

if you really think Menino has done a good job for EB along with his puppet Sal---then you are a total,and utter buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Lets go Deveau ,Got to go Sal,I like Mike !!!!!
Pretty much sums up how I feel,and what I know many people feel.

Thats just the way it is,you cant ignore people forever,and not expect to be bounced.

As far as Sal goes,other than posing for the Times where are you,and what have you done to clean up Eastie.

Hey everyone you want to see the Machine in action/or lack there of?

Take a look at the store connected next door to the RIGHT of the entry into the Meridian Street Public Library.
I would say about 20 code violations. Folks stop by,or just drive by,you will be horrified.

I wish Mike the best,and know he will be the next mayor.

Thats why !!! You ready !!!!

The Mayor is not going to run,and retire on top,as not to be embarrased by a defeat.

Go Mike.

Eastie Girl said...

I truly hope that this does not become as divisive as our 2007 State Rep Race - which was my first up close and personal experience with local politics.

After just having a couple of speculative casual chats with friends, I'm concerned about the toll it will take on our corner of the city.

The Rep race caused some real casualties that are feeling the reverberation to this day. The same may happen with the Mayor's race if lessons learned are disregarded.

Anonymous said...

But Drago and Basile are working together for the MAYOR'S RACE. wITH THEIR TWO TEAMS LINED UP the Mayor can't lose. Who is Deveau? Sal is forever taking a stance on every issue. That is more then I can say for other politicians.

Anonymous said...

Well this is major news.,when did Basile start working on Menino's campaign? Jimbo this could be something you should check out.

Anonymous said...

Former menino hacks from eastie are for flaherty, half of the menino hacks live up the heights a large portion of the vote, these former menino hacks will be the new flaherty hacks very soon, see in eastie if you graduated high school and have a low iq , your only option is to apply or bendover for a state or city of boston or massport job , these jobs have good wages but the people are useless

Anonymous said...

Those who own hummers, villas in Italy and transverse this great town shaking down good people for long gone cultural festivals are for Flaherty.
Every one elese is for Menino.
5 votes, Precinct 13 that's what Flaherty will get.

Anonymous said...

Flaherty will win southie, charlestown, jp, south end, back bay, dorchester,brighton,and east boston and most importantly west roxbury, he will win big time, menino will make history after he loses the mayors race.

Anonymous said...

I Like Mike:

Mike will be your next Mayor,and anyone will be better than Sal as our Councilor.

Look around,esp up the "ONCE" awesome Orient Heights Square.

Its a disgraceful place filled with the most bars / clubs / boooooooze Places in all of Eastie.

Not to mention the most troublesome also.

So fogetaboutit thinking the Heights is all for Mumbles,or Sal.

Just look at the TROUNCING Jeff "Parking Ticket" Drago got .

Its a pulse,a heart beat of the bitter frustration of being treated like a Second Class section,and citizens of Boston.

People have had it,and it will change.

GO SOX !!!!!

Life Long Eastie Resident ,of the Heights !!!

Anonymous said...

Walk down chelsea street between maverick and santarpios in broad day light,, it looks like 1 big pile of a garbage pit, seriously, it looks like harlem circa 1983,i,m embarressed to show my neighborhood to outsiders,gutters filled with litter, empty lots screwned with garbage all on chelsea street, the city probably layed off some street cleaners it seems, all under the menino administration,enforce the garbage codes, mandate all house holds, they should have all garbage in barrels oppose to throwing bags filled with food on the sidewalks so the racoons can eat.very embarressing

Anonymous said...

Awesome, it is so nice to see Joe Mason back on the blog circut. I was worried for some time that we would not get to read his very insightful pieces or his never ending hatred of Sal Lamattina. Joe why do you hate Sal so much? What did he do to you?

Anonymous said...

...and since when is Joe a proud resident of Orient Heights...doesn't he live in Eagle Hill? I could have sworn that I read that in a Police Report somewhere!

Keep up the good work the blog.