Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another acre lost to the Evil Empire

The house that used to be 18 Neptune Road is now a pile of wood. Massport, which purchased the last building on the stretch of the street that heads toward Logan Airport in 2007, had the structure torn down yesterday, and I just noticed it as I came of the highway exit nearby. According to the agency's web site, the land will be used as a "buffer" with some type of "interactive display."


Anonymous said...

According to the agency's web site, the land will be used as a "buffer" with some type of "interactive display."
Baloney. If that parcel isn't used for some active airport use, it is going to end up as a monument to 'we won' or 'we lost' depending on your perspective. I happen to have driven by there this morning and saw the debris pile that remained. I'm of an age that I remember Wood Island Park quite well. I used to go to the day camp run there in the summer by the East Boston camps in the '50s, and used to go exploring there with my friends in the very early '60s.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Heres whats going to be in place of that eyesore,and dangerous building of 18 Neptune Road.

1-It will NOT be used for any airport related use.

2-After many meetings with ALL historical agencies they gave Massport the go a head to tear it down.

3- However it will be a small fenced in locked area connected to Easties Historical Markers.

4- The interactive display was designed by me.
4a- Its going to be called "A door to Easties Past".

At my suggestion ALL of the Historical people backed this plan.

A-Shoot a video inside,and outside,gather as many still,and videos (including old 8mm),as a documentory to what was,and what is.

B-Save the 1st floor facade including the door,and windows.

C- Then there will be a sealed box with a button to push,and a narrated voice talks over the video describing how,and what took place ,including the Wood Island park,and the tearing down of so manty triple deckers.

D-There will be very nice landscaping,and NOTHING ELSE.

E- To enforce this plan a Memorandom of Understanding was signed by ALL of the Historical bodies,as well as Massport,and it will be attached to the properties deed.

Now I know what your thinking,ah hes full of it how come none of this was in the Eastie Times.

Well they were made aware of it as the video was being shot,and before that,but chose not to do a story on it.

I am dam proud of this accomplishment,because these meetings went on for a year,and not once did a Politician from Eastie attend,only some very die hard Eastie Lovers who faught hard to convince all 4 Historical commissions to make this a requirement before allowing it to be knocked down.

I got to pick the videographer,and voice over to be sure it was done right,and it was.

It does not spare Massport at all,its very accurate.

For the moment I remain to myself,as I Loved Wood Island,and could not refuse this opportunity to preserve the truth ,that we got cork screwed for a lousy 1.00. ,yeh one dollar is all they paid for Wood Island Park.

I hope this eliminates any bizzare stories of another Massport hanger,this belongs to US!!!!

Life Long resident,and Proud to be able to make a difference.

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