Sunday, March 15, 2009

Study on pollution proposed

The Globe reports that the governor's transportation bill does have a provision that would require the state to conduct "a comprehensive study of the health effects of air pollution caused by air, road, and rail transportation." According to the article, this could be a monkey wrench in Massport's plan to build a new parking garage right next to the Jeffries Point neighborhood.

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Bhuvan Chand said...

For the first time, a large study shows the deadly effects of chronic exposure to ozone, one of the most widespread pollutants in the world and a key component of smog, according to a study in today’s New England Journal of Medicine.

Doctors have long known that ground-level ozone — which is formed when sunlight interacts with pollution from tailpipes and coal-burning power plants — can make asthma worse. This study, which followed nearly 450,000 Americans in 96 metropolitan areas for two decades, also shows that ozone increases deaths from respiratory diseases.