Monday, March 23, 2009

Uncle Pete R.I.P.

I just received news of the death of Pete Cucchiara, the owner of Uncle Pete's Hickory Ribs, which opened originally in East Boston and then relocated to Revere a few years ago. Those who visited the restaurant know that Pete was a familiar sight, stopping to chat with people at every table. His wife, Pha, is friendly as well, and hopefully she will carry on with the business.

Update (4/1): I went to Uncle Pete's with friends this evening and Pete's wife, Pha, confirmed what we'd heard: that the restaurant is shutting down. This Saturday, April 4, is the last day.


Michael said...

Man. I miss Uncle Pete's having moved for Eastie. There Tuesday's and Wednesday's specials were the best deals in town. It was definitely the best ribs I have had this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Megan said...

I can't remember a time when my family and I wnet to Uncle Pete's for dinner and he didn't sit with us for the entire meal! Pete was a great neighbor, friend and all around good guy. He will be sorely missed.

Eastie Girl said...

Wow - he truly was a special guy and a great addition to the community. I was disappointed when they moved to Revere but am truly saddened to hear of his passing.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad. He was such a great guy! I hope the restaurant stays open. Pete you will be missed. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everyone weeps but here was yet another businesses owner who did a great business here and then decided to up and move becuase they were too 'good' for Eastie like Cafe Italia, the original Italian Express (now in Saugus), etc. Sure it's sad but let's not turn the guy into a martyr.

Eastie Knitter said...

Here are some facts that may explain his moving to Revere: Pete's rent was doubled with no extras from the landlord (oh, by an ex-Bostonian who nows lives in Lynnfield, so much for giving back to Eastie) and he was losing the ability to attract more customers without dedicated parking. In East Boston, he was having a hard time keeping his driveway for the business clear because another business owner next door thought it was okay to park his private vehicle across the driveway and across the crosswalk.

What a crass way to speak of someone who died in such a sad and tragic way.

TOTWTYTR said...

My family and I will miss Pete and Uncle Pete's. The food was very good and Pete was a fine gentleman. He loved to talk about the art of cooking barbecue.

Pag said...

Uncle Pete was an East Boston native who never wanted to leave Eastie and if the crass poster had spent any time talking to Pete (who would spend time talking to everyone) he would know this, Eastie Knitter has the facts correct.
I often ate at his Eastie as well as his Revere restaurant and even had him cater by last birthday celebration. I hope his family is doing okay.

Daniel said...

Uncle Pete was a great guy!

I always looked forward to talking with him and his family when I went in for a “3 way combo”.

He actually turned me onto real, hickory smoked barbeque.

I plan on buying a nice smoker and learning the art of slow cooking the way that Pete did someday..

I wish Pete’s family the best!
Dan W, Revere, MA