Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eastie real estate touted again

The Financial Times, the London-based international business newspaper, has a story on real estate in East Boston, with one person calling our community "a cool little neighborhood." Eastie's diversity, proximity to downtown and moderately priced housing stock are mentioned as selling points.


Anonymous said...

They forgot to mention about the terrible tolls and all the scams that Mass Turnpike Authority pulls on Eastie residents.

Did anyone ever get their money back for the postcard scam when they started charging full price for the tolls without notification? or take action?

Eastie rules the city holds it back

N.starluna said...

I have a lot of architecture students in my classes. When they do their walking tour of East Boston, they frequently comment on the variety of architectural styles found in East Boston. We do not have a uniform architectural style like those other neighborhoods and that's part of what makes this an interesting place.

And I happen to live in a striking brownstone like you might see in the Back Bay. More than three quarters of my block are bow front townhomes. Just like you might find in any random street off of Comm Ave.

jessica said...

The first time you buy a house is a great mixture of excitement and fear. Excitement because you are buying a new home, a future for yourself and / or your family.


Jessica warner