Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 10th

Late one night in early June of 1999 I walked out of the Burren, an Irish pub on Elm Street in Somerville, with a friend and we wandered a couple doors down to the Diesel Cafe, which had opened a few days earlier. We ordered drinks, sat down and, with the garage-style door opened, watched people move through Davis Square.

I've been a steady customer since, and today is the 10th anniversary of Diesel's opening. It's one of the places that I can frequently be found with a book or my laptop. I was there this afternoon to have some soup and a double espresso (see emptied cup in photo), of which they pour some of the best shots in Greater Boston.

Happy anniversary, Diesel.

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ch said...

I love Davis Square, and I have always enjoyed Diesel.

Happy 10th, Diesel :)