Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Local coyote dies

A coyote was killed today after it was spotted on the runways at Logan Airport. According to reports, the animal was hit by a truck as Massport workers attempted to corral it.

The coyote could be the same one that local photographer George Cumming posted on his blog about a week ago -- see image at right -- and that he has been seeing locally for at least a year. A local coyote expert told George that this looks like a lactating female, which means that there may be some hungry kits out there tonight.


N.starluna said...

I'm sure the Massport people dd not intend to kill the coyote but perhaps they should have called the MSPCA to handle it. Coyotes really aren't that hard to catch and remove. It's such a shame to see local wildlife needlessly killed.

Anonymous said...

I am sure they did.
Another reason to hate MassPort.

Anonymous said...

If it stuck around East Boston long enough Massport would have eventually killed it anyway - just like the rest of us. Think air pollution from the constant smell of jet fuel and exhaust in the area.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is slightly glad that there are fewer coyotes near us, but I feel so bad that there might be babies out there.