Sunday, May 24, 2009

Local eats gain praise

The Boston Phoenix has praise for Off the Boat, the seafood restaurant on Porter Street, which now has a dining room along with it's to-go storefront. "It all looks good," says the review, "but the aroma is even more superb." If the photo accompanying the story (at right) is any indication, it certainly does look good.

Meanwhile, The Boston Globe recently continued its love affair with Angela's, the Mexican eatery located on Lexington Street, singling out the restaurant's "fantastic mole" (a sauce made with chili peppers, spices, chocolate and, according to the story, 50 other ingredients) as "mysteriously addictive."


Anonymous said...

The Globe may have a love affair going on with Angela's but it is because the restaurant consistently serves amazing food with good service. Not often you get that--I'm in love too!

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the MIT cop who was arrested at the auto body shop on London Street trying to sell $15K worth of Oxycontin is either the full or partial owner of this business. I've eaten here before, and it's great. But if the owner is peddling drugs in our neighborhood, I'll pass.