Sunday, May 31, 2009

Remembering EB Camps

Last week the Lowell Sun reported that there is a cookout today in the town of Westford at the former site of East Boston Camps. The event, the story says, "is free and open to anyone interested in the site, whether it be to learn about opportunities for retreats or to offer assistance in the ongoing effort to restore and maintain the 286-acre parcel."

For 70 years the camp served as a summertime refuge for youngsters from East Boston and Chelsea, but in 2007 disagreements between the town of Westford and the East Boston Social Centers, which operated the camp, ended the program. Since then there has been some bad blood on both sides, as evidence by the comments posted in response to the story.

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N.starluna said...

Wow, the vitriol stings. Interesting that they continue to call it East Boston Camps, considering the comments.