Friday, February 26, 2010

Eastie notes

***Thursday night's storm did some damage and knocked out power throughout the region, and some of the most powerful winds were recorded in the neighborhood. The Globe said that "sustained wind speeds of over 50 miles per hour were recorded in East Boston" and that gusts "blew over 60 in East Boston," among other places.

***Our friends at have posted a link to a fascinating bit of history: the published proceedings of a civic-group meeting that was held in East Boston to honor Abraham Lincoln within weeks of the 16th president's assassination. The local council of the Union League of America met at Sumner Hall on Elbow Street on May 8, 1865, and the program included the recitation of a dirge by J.W. Turner of East Boston and music from the East Boston Sumner Glee Club. Then the Rev. Warren H. Cudworth, the pastor of Eastie's Unitarian Church, delivered a long eulogy, which included this excerpt:
Abraham Lincoln! upholder and defender of the Union, purifier of the Constitution, friend and emancipator of the oppressed, the people's choice and champion; fearless amid dangers, steadfast in uncertainties, uncorrupted by temptation, faithful in trial as in triumph, faithful from the beginning to the end, faithful in life, faithful even unto death! the noblest patriot, the purest politician, the grandest man, the greatest benefactor, the most glorious martyr, of the age.
Pretty sweet.

***There have been several stories in recent days about tenants evicted from 22 Princeton Street by the building's new owner, Paul Rolff, a real-estate developer and business owner. We don't need well-heeled speculators flipping houses in the neighborhood and tossing poor and working folks into the street.

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