Monday, February 1, 2010

R.I.P.: Wally Bowe

1957 - 2010

Wednesday, 3 to 8 p.m.
Rapino's, Maverick Square

Thursday, 11 a.m.
Sacred Heart Church

Online notice

In lieu of flowers,
donations in Wally’s memory may be made to:

Jillian Bowe Educational Fund
c/o East Boston Savings Bank
320 Central Street
Saugus, MA 01906


Mary Berninger said...

Wally Bowe was always ready to lend a hand to the children of East Boston and he will be remembered fondly. Thanks, Wally, for encouraging the girls in academics and in sports. It made them stronger and it made the school a stronger place, too. Our family adds its prayers to the many being said for Wally's family.

Fr. Richard Crager said...

One of the best men I have ever known. Wally was without doubt the best "Salesian" I ever met. His spirit and work ethic is what St. John Bosco hoped to instill in all his Salesians. How insteresting that this layman embodied these gifts so well. How fitting that he died on the Feast of St. John Bosco, a man Wally imitated well.

Michael said...

The outpouring of support and notes on facebook are a reflection of the many lives Wally touched. I know he helped shape me into the educator I am today. His belief in kids and willingness to listen are something all educators should learn from.

eldib3 said...

Mr.Bowe played a huge part in our lives, He was the only adminstrator in the umana that realy cared about us, the children of east boston. He dident belive in punishment but mostly belived in making sure we know the the mistakes we made and to fix these mistakes...Mr.Bowe touched are hearts and i will never forget his quote for me "You are a great kid,i like you alot,but your temper will not help you in life...i will always be here for you to talk to and turn to.."...We will all remember him for his bright smile and kind white may not be here with us in person but you will always be with us in spirit....We Love You Mr.Bowe....

Christian said...

Mr. Bowe, was a great man that anyone could trust with and have a friendly conversation with. He was an awesome administrator, at the Mario Umana Middle School Academy. He showed the kids not only what responsiblity for ones own action is, but have had given many lessons in life that the kids used. Honestly, I say that I felt Mr. Bowe was kind of a second father for me. He was always there when you need help, he was reliable and really a great guy. As a former M.U.M.S.A student, it is sad to see a fellow friend just cross the other side without notice. Mr. Bowe, may God take you into his kingdom, for where you may Rest In Peace. You may be gone, but never forgotten! Thank you for everything!!! R.I.P. Peace Mr. Bowe

oscar said...

Hi wow its been one year already and im already sad that mr.bowe has passed away. Mr.Bowe was a great man he always protected us as a former student Oscar Garcia he always told us what are the good and bad choice and lets just say that he always told me the right choice and i want to thank you Mr.Bowe rest in peace and let god be with you.

Dbowe61 said...

Wally, I Love you for the years to come, as I loved you for the years that have passed. The time has passed quickly, as this morning at approximately 10:50 AM I viewed my Wally begin his celestial journey. I Love him with all of my heart and I am so very proud of the way he lived his life and to see all of the many, many lives he touched. All of your posts made me cry but also gave me joy and I know that I will read them over many times. Wally was such a loving, sincere, nonjudgmental human being who was always able to point out an enduring quality in everyone. He made all feel as though they were his number one, and each and every one of you were. I want to thank you all for being part of his life because it was you who made Wally, Wally. We always knew he was a great husband/father/brother/uncle/cousin/and friend. We realized when his untimely death fell on the feast of Saint Don Bosco that he was placed on this earth to be something much more. Love Always Darlene, Jillian, Janae, Jimmy, Suzanne, Danny, Robert, Valerie, Jackie and Anne