Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not my cup of tea

I did see a couple of excerpts from Sarah Palin's remarks at the National Tea Party Convention, held in Nashville over the weekend, although to save myself from becoming physically and intellectually ill I avoided watching the speech itself. In just those small bits there was enough ignorance, cliche and deception to keep me shaking my head for a while.

Through fluke, cynicism and John McCain's abdication of his moral duty to the nation, Palin has played her way into some serious money. So be it. I don't care how rich she gets off the dollars of the insane rabble fringe. However, I hope that everyone possessing a modicum of common sense keeps her away from any type of higher political office. (Sorry, but governor of Alaska hardly counts.)

In reality, she's likely to hurt the Republican Party in the long run, but I honestly don't think she intends to seek political office ever again. She probably cannot win, she doesn't possess the brains or fortitude for a real campaign, and she will have more influence as an outsider until she fades from the national spotlight -- or until Levi gives us the real dirt on his former future mother-in-law that we all know he has. (Get that boy a bodyguard.)

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