Sunday, February 7, 2010

A way to remember

In the week since the sudden passing of my friend Wally Bowe, a number of people have suggested ways to memorialize him. The one that seems the most logical and doable -- and that is gaining momentum quickly -- is renaming Bremen Street Park in his honor. This tribute would make sense for these reasons:

*The park is not currently named after anyone.

*The park grounds and the YMCA located there are utilized by large numbers of children and teenagers -- the same groups that Wally spent more than three decades working with.

*The park is just one block from the house where Wally lived for years and isn't much farther from the Boys & Girls Club site, where he was a positive influence on the lives of hundreds of young people.

Massport owns the park property, but I'm guessing they'd go along with recommendations from the City of Boston, and Wally is certainly extremely deserving of this honor. I'm open to listening to other suggestions, but right now this seems like a no-brainer. There is a Facebook group in support of the idea, and if you agree you should join it.

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