Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beep beep, toot toot

It took less than a week after buying my car for me to feel uncomfortable with the beeping noise it made when I clicked the key fob to lock the vehicle doors. What right did I have to unleash annoying sounds on my neighbors? It's inconsiderate, unnecessary and, I found, easy to undo. I checked the car's manual and found it was simple to disable the beeps. My doors still lock and my lights blink to tell me they're locked, but I am not creating noise pollution in the process.

Of course, most people -- my neighbors included -- seem to either accept the beeps as part of modern life or don't know that they can eliminate them without any threat to their vehicle's security. Therefore, I am subjected to the sounds whenever people get in or out of their cars all day every time I am at home. This, of course, is in addition to the several times each day -- and night -- that car alarms go off, which is another issue altogether.

It's a small matter, but it is quite annoying. How many times have you jumped in a parking lot when someone, standing many feet away, opens or locks a vehicle you are next to -- and some of the beeps can be quite loud. I just don't understand how car owners can hear that noise and believe it is OK to subject everyone else to the cacophony.


dylan said...

If those beeps drive you crazy, then let me ask: How the heck can you stand living in East Boston, where the denizens routinely blare hip-hop anthems from their cars and houses at a volume loud enough to wake the dead in Oconomowoc?

Jim said...

Music, car alarms, airplanes, motorcycles, neighbors shouting, the yippy little dog next door, firetrucks, kids -- yeah, those are the sounds of the city, and I am not a cranky geezer here to complain about them all. (Well, maybe that little mutt...) but I feel like the beep-beep-beeps constantly notifying people that their car doors are locked or unlocked are so completely unnecessary and could be eliminated if people bothered to care.

I must admit that for much of the year, when my double-pane windows (courtesy, I believe, of Massport) are down, I hear little street noise. The summer, however, is a different story.

PS: I had to look up Oconomowoc.