Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wet week

The rain appears to be coming to an end, but the Herald just posted a report that said parts of Routes 1A and 145 in East Boston are closed because of flooded roadways, with one woman trapped inside her car.

Update: Check out this photo of a flooded East Boston Greenway...or should I say, the Bremen River (via Universal Hub).

Update has corrected reference to the Greenway rather than Bremen Street Park.


John said...

I've been trying to get our politicians to address this issue since March. There's no interest in doing anything. The Gumball Condos is one of the only buildings along the Greenway that does not drain into the park. All the empyt parking lots that offer no value to the neighborhood drain directly to the park as do the roof drains of most of the buildings along the park. It has looked like this three times since March.

Jim said...

I didn't realize that. Have calls been made to the city?

John said...

I've been calling and emailing since March, including on Tuesday when it flooded again. No response at all from the Parks Department and Sal's office just says, "he'll be in touch."

In June or July the Parks Department determined that the storm drain cover openings were very small - about half the size of the regular drain covers and therefore can easily clog the few drains that there are.

I've been emailing for updates but also received no response other than from Ernani who checked in to see if I've heard from Parks.

N.starluna said...

Just to clarify, that photo is of the EB Greenway. It is connected to Bremen Street park, but it is a separate park.

It shouldn't be any surprise that it floods. All of that area is fill and was originally a mud flat. Whenever we have rains like this, we should expect flooding in the parks. Indeed, it is a better thing that it floods the parks than the buildings. Building parks to accept urban flooding is actually one of the measures proposed to adapt to expected climate change impacts.