Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gumption at the Times

I saw this week's East Boston Times a short while ago and I need to give praise where it's due. In the Eastie Watch column there is a logically argued defense of the Lower Manhattan community center -- dubbed by the media as the Ground Zero Mosque. The piece took me by surprise, and I want to publicly laud the paper and the writer, which I believe to be John Lynds.

Not only is the thinking in the article open-minded and forward-thinking, but just the fact that the Times waded into this issue when it certainly didn't have to shows courage that is to be commended. I would think that a significant number of the paper's readers will be angered by the sentiments expressed, and the Times must have recognized that and went ahead with it anyway. That's the kind of gumption one desires in an journalistic endeavor.

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